There are a number of exciting new features and enhancements in Blackbaud CRM 3.0. Highlights include new features for expanded Mobile CRM access, improved Prospect Management tools, additional Membership configuration options, Social Media account tracking capabilities, new GL Timeline for comprehensive Financial Transaction Display, improved Data Management tools to distribute global settings across batch and import processes, and the new Configuration Management Tool. You can learn more about these exciting additions via the resources listed below or by attending the CRM 3.0 Release Highlights web seminar.

Empower your users with an enhanced mobile CRM experience.

Enhanced mobile CRM capabilities put the power of Blackbaud CRM in an easy-to-use mobile environment. New functionality provides users with an interactive and flexible experience, empowering users with the ability to view and create favorites, manage constituents and prospects, create and edit interactions and more.

Enhance user experience with complete web deployment.

Building on previous work enabling web browser support, Blackbaud CRM now provides a complete web-based experience offering the flexibility of full-featured deployment and device independence. Users can enjoy the flexibility of access from any preferred browser and the convenience of full-featured tablet access. User experience enhancements include improved search capabilities and a more intuitive and comprehensive constituent view.

Broaden your constituent view with social media account information.

We have enhanced our constituent view and contact information area to include social media accounts, allowing you to manage information about a constituent's social media and networking accounts, such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media icons in the constituent view provide instant access to constituents' profile pages, making it easier to build relationships. As an additional offering, our Social Scoring data enrichment service provides social media account information and also returns valuable insight about constituents' social engagement, allowing you to identify and empower the social media influencers in your community.

Expand your membership options with mid-term upgrades.

We have continued to build on the redesign work of our membership features by expanding the options in membership configuration to manage mid-term membership upgrades, fixed expiration dates, membership campaigns, and recurring gifts. This, along with an enhanced member services view, provides a complete view of your constituent by providing a single snapshot of key member details and the flexibility to manage your membership programs.

Leverage the power of embedded Internet tools.

Powerful new Internet features embedded within Blackbaud CRM allow you to extend membership sign up capabilities for alumni, museums, and other dues-based membership organizations by creating flexible membership forms with the Membership Form function. Additional updates include enhancements to online transaction downloads, a LinkedIn Group Join function to better manage alumni and affinity groups, new mobile/desktop toggle functionality to provide a seamless switch from the mobile to desktop experience, and other usability improvements.

Provide a better end-user experience with page design capabilities.

We have expanded the configuration capabilities available through browser-based access by adding our powerful Page Designer functionality, providing a single experience for all system users and administrators. Our design mode allows system administrators to customize the program to better meet your organization’s needs. You can add pages to the program, tabs and sections to pages, buttons and links to pages, and much more. Existing pages, tabs, sections, buttons, and other items can also be modified in this mode with complete security features to control access. Our design feature allows you to transform the solution to provide the best possible experience for your users.

Improve data management and streamline administration tasks.

Our existing constituent matching functionality has been updated with enhanced duplicate management options to define and distribute global settings to batch templates and import processes, making it easier to apply your organization’s settings and maintain your data integrity. We have added a wizard-like functionality to streamline the process of creating fundraising purpose and designation records. In addition to this simplified process, we have revamped the fundraising hierarchies grid with filter and search capabilities to make it easier to locate and manage your designations.

Gain powerful insight with financial transaction timeline.

Revenue record enhancements allow users to visualize donation transaction events, including original transaction, subsequent activity, and adjustments in a timeline display. This display is particularly helpful for tracking complex transactions, such as stock and property, through the acquisition, change, and sale stages. The timeline provides a visual and GL history of all transaction changes and adjustments. Additional revenue enhancements include edit capabilities for matching gift payments to streamline corrections and modifications.

Take your prospect research and intelligence to the next level.

Prospect Intelligence brings you greater perspective by helping you uncover the stories behind your data to make more strategic fundraising decisions. We’ve streamlined the prospect research and analysis process allowing you to expand your pool of prospects and manage your valuable prospect research data within the redesigned ResearchPoint toolset embedded within Blackbaud CRM.

Ease configuration between database environments with Configuration Manager.

The new Configuration Manager for Blackbaud CRM is a powerful new utility, designed to improve efficiency and reduce manual effort by allowing the transfer of product configurations between database environments. This dynamic tool reduces configuration time and provides a streamlined platform to empower testing and design practices. Processor-driven utilities allow the transfer of a wide variety of configuration items and dependencies, including ad-hoc queries, attribute categories, code tables, application users, export definitions, marketing effort components and much more.

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CRM new release resources

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