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The South Florida Museum Relies on Altru for an Integrated System

Since its opening in 1947, the South Florida Museum has worked to preserve, interpret, and communicate scientific and cultural knowledge of Florida, the world, and our universe. Through collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, the Museum endeavors to be a premier regional museum of natural and cultural history. The Museum, continuing its founding legacy of excellence in education, care of collections, and engaging exhibits and programming for visitors and students of all ages, has expanded over the years and now includes the Bishop Planetarium, the Parker Manatee Aquarium, and the Spanish Plaza.


Staff at the South Florida Museum all serve multiple roles – and they all work off disparate systems and databases. Important visitor data is not captured in any systematic format. Visitors to the Museum enjoy the great exhibits and programs, but staff is not able to collect the data needed to measure the success of those programs (number of member visits, donors, etc.).

They were craving a centralized repository of up-to-date, sharable information so staff could work together efficiently and dedicate their time to revenue-generating and visitor-cultivating activities.


Brynne Anne Besio, executive director, chose Blackbaud’s Altru™ for its single source of information, which will improve her ability to easily pull complete and accurate data for board presentations. This central source of information will also streamline and enrich the process for making strategic fiscal decisions.

The more clearly Besio can demonstrate the Museum’s bottom-line financials, the more effectively she can use organization’s resources to generate revenue, predict and combat seasonal fluctuations, and achieve financial stability.


Besio has been able to share data with the tourist development council to demonstrate the museum’s impact on tourism and the community.

Staff can now understand visitors and donors better. They can see when a donor first gave, why he/she visited the museum, what programs they participate in and then tailor communications and invites according to constituent interest. This helps build member satisfaction and create a deeper relationship with donors.

As the museum builds its wealth of data, it will be able to compare the success of various events, programs and campaigns year-over-year.


Serving the nonprofit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 30 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 30,000 customers, including nonprofits, K–12 private and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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