Nonprofits must put all their resources to use in the most optimal way to survive today’s economy and ensure a future for their organizations.

Marketing is a powerful lever – and a significantly under-utilized one – in the nonprofit sector.  Marketing is more than just an opportunity; it’s a responsibility.  Properly defined, structured, and engaged, true marketing can transform struggling organizations into thriving ones.

The 2010 Senior Nonprofit Marketers’ Summit brought 18 senior marketing executives together to discuss how marketing can be transformed in nonprofit organizations.  The group produced a paper presenting the first ever joint opinion from nonprofit marketing leaders on marketing strategy, talent, structures, and suggested remedies for barriers to change. 

Review the recommendations and join us for an exclusive web seminar series featuring several of the Summit leaders to dive deeper into key topics.

Session One: An Overview of Nonprofit CMOs Call for a Transformation of Marketing
Host: Cynthia Currence, Chair of the Senior Nonprofit Marketers’ Summit and Founder/CEO of Currence & Associates, LLC

Description: The 2010 Summit was a gathering of 18 marketing thought leaders from the nonprofit sector and academia.  Participants included CMOs from United Way Worldwide, American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Arthritis Foundation, AARP, and other prominent nonprofit brands. The overarching message was the need to transform marketing to help nonprofits survive and thrive in these times and beyond.  It is an important one for nonprofit leadership to hear and understand, as well as an important one for nonprofit marketers to continue to work toward.  Summit participants not only made a case for transformation, but offered numerous suggestions and recommendations to help start and continue the process of transformation.  We also learned that there is significant value in nonprofit CMOs coming together and working side-by-side on important issues.  This value is to nonprofit missions, the sector as a whole, and the CMOs who work so tirelessly for their missions. 

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This web seminar series highlights transformation on many fronts, with the various people who led discussions on everything from ROI in marketing to constituent engagement, and keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology.  Our first session will set the stage – be sure to put them all on your calendar!

Session Two: Earning and Keeping a Seat at the Table:  Maintaining Marketing’s Strategic Influence within the Organization
Hosts: Reji Puthenveetil, Chief Marketing Advisor, American Lung Association and President, Group Newhouse
Cynthia Round, Executive Vice President, Brand, United Way Worldwide

Description: How often has marketing been brought into the picture late in the game?  We have all experienced situations where we are involved in strategic decisions that impact the organization versus hearing about those decisions and being asked to implement them.  In situations where the latter is the case (e.g., not being involved in the strategy development), the process of gaining influence takes concerted effort.  Too often, the role of marketing is narrowly defined as focusing on advertising, brand guidelines, and market research, rather than as a broad contributor to organizational growth.  Examples and case studies will be provided from the perspectives of the United Way, American Lung Association, and American Red Cross.

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In this session, attendees will gain critical insights, proven strategies, and valuable lessons learned on how to earn and maintain a seat at the leadership table.

Session Three:  Embracing Technological Change

Host: Kay Keenan, Former VP, Marketing and Communications, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Description: Technology can be a marketer’s best friend, or it can keep you up at night worrying about whether your organization is prepared to take advantage of the next big thing. This very special session will focus on one of the top issues addressed by the Summit group and is guaranteed to be highly interactive. Bring your experience of both successes and failures, as well questions, and we’ll help each other truly get the most out of this ever-changing area. Key focus will be on social media, but we will cover a variety of marketing technology trends in this hour-long session

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Session Four:  Measuring Performance and Demonstrating ROI

Host: Peggy Dyer, Chief Marketing Officer, American Red Cross

Description: You probably have no shortage of ideas on how you’d like to market your organization. But, how do you know which projects deserve an investment of your precious resources? During the final session of the Marketing Transformation webinar series, we will discuss how to evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns, how to determine the return on your investment for initiatives like special events, and helpful tools that can assist you in communicating performance to your executives and board.

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Presenter Biographies

Cynthia Currence: Cynthia is a certified management consultant, Global Marketing Network Fellow, and the founder and CEO of Currence & Associates, LLC.  Her company is devoted to building powerful business relationships through creative marketing strategies grounded in research. Previous positions include vice president of international marketing for the American Cancer Society, where she worked for 18 years, and senior vice president for marketing and communications for the United Way, Inc., in Los Angeles. She raised more than $25 million through strategic corporate alliances and led direct mail operations producing $40 million annually.  She chaired two national American Marketing Association conferences on strategic marketing, is leading the 2010 conference and Senior Marketers’ Summit, and serves on the AMA Foundation Board of Trustees.  She is also on the editorial board for Social Marketing Quarterly and is an international lecturer on branding and cause marketing. She was recently appointed the cause branding expert for the Global Marketing Network and is immediate past president of the Georgia Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. She has a B.A. in psychology and a Master’s in education.

Kay Keenan: Kay is a national speaker on social media use by nonprofits, a strategic marketing consultant for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She founded Growth Consulting in 2001 with  clients ranging from the State of Delaware to Campbell Soup to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  Kay spent three years with Big Brothers Big Sisters as their vice president of marketing and communication. She also advises on fundraising and donor management in affiliation with Bloom Metz Consulting. Kay is a co-author of Conversation on Networking: finding, developing, and maintaining relationships for business and life. Follow her on Twitter®: @ConsultKeenan.

Reji Puthenveetil: Reji is president of Group Newhouse, a marketing management consulting firm, and is also chief marketing advisor for the American Lung Association. For the American Lung Association, Reji works to identify strategic growth opportunities and define opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness.   Group Newhouse partners with other firms, both for-profit and nonprofit, to develop innovative programs to realize profitable revenue and align marketing, sales, and operational efforts. His client experience includes American Red Cross, Girls on the Run International, Recreational Boating Foundation, Kia Motors, Lennox Air Conditioning, Royal Bank of Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, and Lockheed Martin. He holds an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Cynthia Round: As executive vice president of Brand Leadership at United Way, Cynthia is responsible for brand stewardship and marketing – advertising, public relations, corporate sponsorship – and field communications for the worldwide network. She joined United Way in October 2002 after more than 20 years of building and marketing corporate brands. Cynthia began her career in brand management at the Procter&Gamble Company, where she held a variety of marketing positions, including a two-year international assignment in Rome, Italy. Cynthia joined Ogilvy&Mather Advertising, where she became senior partner and executive group director. During her 15 years with Ogilvy&Mather New York, Cynthia helped create, build, and renovate domestic and global brands in categories ranging from packaged goods and high-tech to fashion and entertainment. Cynthia grew up in Oklahoma and holds a BA degree from Oklahoma State University, which honored her with its Distinguished Alumni award in 1995. 

Peggy Dyer: Peggy is Chief Marketing Officer of the American Red Cross where she is responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategy and plans for the 130-year-old nonprofit.  In her role as CMO, Dyer supports the growth and development of five Red Cross lines of business and enables more than 600 field units to leverage the Red Cross brand in every zip code of the United States. Peggy’s expertise spans strategic and segment marketing, market intelligence, marketing management and marketing communications. Prior to joining the Red Cross, Peggy was the Vice President of Marketing Growth & Development for Allstate Insurance Company.  She has more than 20 years of marketing and brand management experience while serving as Chief Marketing Officer for Citibanking North America, and in senior marketing and operating roles at Sara Lee Corporation's Champion Products Division, the Quaker Oats Company's Gatorade Brand, and Ralston Purina.

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