The Supporter Journey Tour - Session Descriptions 

Accountability to the Donor

Presented by David Kilmer

Accountability is a pressing issue for many people – especially those who work in nonprofit organizations.  Breaches of trust push a fraud-weary public to doubt society’s institutions in general.  As a result, nonprofits are coming under increasing pressure to explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, and the outcomes.  This session will examine what it means for an organization to be accountable – both personal and regulatory – including a look at new areas of IRS interest.

The Art of Listening: Are You Really Leveraging What Your Donors Are Telling You?

Presented by Chuck Longfield

This session will help you maximize the value of donor information to support your mission, measure the value of information, and teach you to recognize and capture precious data you've overlooked. Donors are your organization's most valuable asset. Without loyal supporters, your mission will be compromised at best or unachievable at worst. One sure-fire way to diminish the value of this asset is to treat donors like ATM machines by taking their money for granted without making efforts to show you care about who they are. You have the means to aim higher. Donors reveal something about themselves every time they interact with you. Are you showing that you're paying attention and hearing what they are saying? Take the time to know how they should be addressed, how they want to be contacted, and what they care about.

Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow: Integrated Technology + Strategy = Impact

Presented by Jenny Matheny, Howard Horowitz (Boston)
Presented by Zach Anderson and Pamela Snyder (San Fancisco)
Presented by Zach Anderson and John Murphy (Seattle)

Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow is a one-stop shop solution you can’t find anywhere else. Benefit from our web design expertise, targeted content, strategic eMarketing program, and advanced email features that create a truly interactive and impactful online experience. You won’t believe the results customers are seeing. Join us to find out what it can do for you!

Creating an Interactive and Engaging Website

Presented by Raheel Gauba

Take a journey with Blackbaud Creative Director Raheel Gauba through the best interactive experiences from nonprofits around the world. From augmented reality to Macromedia® Flash™ applications to film...learn how nonprofits are using next-generation technologies and media to further their missions and causes with important design and UI philosophies that help nonprofits drive success.

Dashboards for Comptrollers, CFOs and Reporting to your Board

Presented by David Kilmer

This session will highlight how to use the tools in The Financial Edge™ for fast, accurate reporting to your board of directors. Learn how dashboards increase your productivity and reports make answering your board members’ questions easier than ever!

Essential Steps to an Effective eMarketing  Campaign

Presented by Howard Horowitz (Boston)
Presented by Pamela Snyder (San Francisco)
Presented by John Murphy (Seattle)

You have eMarketing tools – now what? Join Zuri Group for this hands-on session and learn how you can maximize impact of your email campaigns. Walk away with tactics for incorporating and leveraging social media in email campaigns; strategies for “listening” to your online community; techniques to “converse” effectively with every audience; and methods to generate and glean invaluable information from your key demographics.

Finding Diamonds: Putting the Power of Analytics to Work for You

Presented by Keith Heller

Busy, busy, busy – everyone in fundraising is always so busy.  We’re communicating with prospects, having meetings, submitting proposals, and nurturing relationships.  But are we engaging with the right people?  And “right” doesn’t just mean wealthy.  “Right” means the people most likely to support your organization – soon, over the longer term, and substantially – these are the people you want to be cultivating.  So how can you know who they are without taking the time to speak with them?  In a word: analytics.  No, don’t cringe.  No flashbacks to Statistics 101 here.  You don’t have to do the math, but you can reap the benefits.  They include getting a solid profile of your best proven supporters; a deep dive into your database to surface similar prospects; and a clearly prioritized list of who you should be speaking with next. In this engaging session, we’ll discuss actionable plans for using analytics to focus your efforts and boost your fundraising, as well as cool new trends!

Fundraising vs. Accounting: Quelling the Family Feud

Presented by Smita Vadakekalam & Keith Heller

Do you need the Rosetta Stone to translate your fundraising numbers into accounting?  If you’re ready to spend more time improving your fundraising numbers and less time arguing over whose numbers to use, don’t miss this session!  Accounting and Development have different objectives based on what they are trying to get out of the system.  We have more than 15 years of experience helping nonprofits establish practical processes to serve the goals of both the fundraising and accounting departments.  Attend this session so you can: Have a roadmap for collaboration that will help avoid stalemates in the first place; learn strategies for improving communication and understanding between accounting and fundraising so each department’s objectives are addressed; and leave the presentation armed with documentation that outlines how to streamline gift entry and reconciliation processes to support the goals of both departments, as well as create shared Fund & GL coding structures. Plus, we’ll highlight considerations if you’re thinking of automating the process.

How to Identify and Ask for That Next Gift

Presented by Kristin Ludwig & Page Bullington

This skills lab will focus on strategies, techniques, and best practices for identifying and qualifying prospects for that next gift. Emphasis will be placed on identifying how to segment for annual, mid-level, and major gifts using internal data mining, evaluation of donor pipelines, moves management, and prospect research. We will also highlight aspects of prospect relationship management techniques and how those can assist you in making that next ask.

Identifying and Measuring KPIs

Presented by Liz Marenakos

Designed for finance managers, CFOs, and accountants, this session will examine what key performance indicators nonprofits should look at to gauge their operational efficiency, stewardship of resources, and performance compared to peer organizations. The session will also include a discussion of the tools and data that are available to enhance this process and to improve accountability to donors and other stakeholders.

Make the Most of your Journey: Fundraising On the Go with eTapestry

Presented by Courtney Kramer (Boston)
Presented by Mike Kierce (San Francisco)
Presented by Jayme Winebrenner (Seattle)

Sometimes the tools that can help you the most are often overlooked because of day-to-day challenges you face as a nonprofit. This exciting session will highlight eTapestry’s built-in dashboards with zero-click reporting and drill down capabilities, as well as the new mobile access application allowing you to add, edit, and correspond on the fly. Increase your fundraising effectiveness and stay focused on your mission – not your database – with eTapestry!

Making Your Web Presence Social: Top 10 Tips You Can Do Now!

Presented by Chad Norman & Frank Barry

Attend this session to learn how to take your organization’s online efforts to the next level. We’ll examine what it takes to integrate your organization’s social media efforts with your website and create a truly social online experience for your supporters. Learn different ways of connecting with your constituents and how this can impact your overall mission. Leave with 10 tips to take back and execute at your organization today!

The New Frontier – Why Social and Web Are the Future

Presented by Dave Neff, Author

Although author/columnist Malcolm Gladwell discredits social media for facilitating the revolutions we are currently seeing around the world, we disagree. Come find out how the future of social media is being played out across our nonprofit landscape. Learn from advanced case studies and groundbreaking research, and take a glimpse into where fundraising in social media is heading in the future.

Read David's book, The Future of Nonprofits

The Raiser’s Edge Night Vision: The Giving Score

Presented by Kristin Ludwig

This session will focus on the innovation that Blackbaud has developed with The Giving Score. In this session, you’ll discover the power smart analytics have in taking your fundraising program to the next level. We will discuss how the score can help you target and identify your best prospects for annual and major giving, how you can minimize investment on prospects who are not likely to make a gift to you, and how to reduce your cost-per-gift, ultimately helping you raise more money. Additionally, we will discuss WealthPoint™ for The Raiser’s Edge®, an integrated capacity tool based on hard assets and indicators of wealth to help you further qualify donors for major gifts.

The Role of the DBA in the Development Shop

Presented by Bill Connors, CFRE

Regardless of which Blackbaud fundraising database you use, the role and position of the database administrator is an important one. Database administrators are not “just support staff.” They are — or should be — serious professionals who bring subject matter expertise to the fundraising process just as our colleagues do in the annual fund, events, major gifts, and membership areas. So what is the role of the database administrator? What are they responsible for? And how do they learn more and become more professional in the work they do, in what they know, and how they interact with their peers? That’s what this session is about. Yes, we’ll talk briefly about data maintenance tasks, but we’ll focus more on taking charge of our roles and becoming the development professionals we should be!  (For our IT colleagues:  we use “DBA” in the common development/fundraising use of the term, not the typical IT usage of the word.  By all means IT professionals are very much invited and welcomed to attend this session, and it should be very helpful as you understand how to work with and support your fundraising colleagues, but the “DBA” position we’re talking about here is the fundraising office’s database coordinator/manager/power user, not a Microsoft SQL Server® DBA.)

Read Bill's book, Fundraising with The Raiser's Edge

Ten Steps to Streamlining Your Fundraising System

Presented by Keith Heller

The donor/prospect database sits at the heart of every nonprofit’s development operations.  How you use it (or don’t!) directly impacts your daily work and, quite often, your overall fundraising success.  Unfortunately, many of us find our database lacking. The good news is that the problem isn’t usually the software itself. The culprits are usually inefficient business practices and disorganized data – both especially common in the nonprofit sector.  These are problems that can be solved!  And it’s not rocket science, but you do need a plan.  Luckily, we have one for you.  The first step in getting more from any software is committing to the initial effort to improve it.  Are you ready?  Great!  Where do you start?  In this session, we’ll present a practical, actionable ten-step plan that will help you streamline your fundraising system and operations so they’ll more easily and accurately support your strategies.

Top Five Trends in Online Fundraising

Presented by Steve Maclaughlin

Online fundraising is like “The Little Engine That Could.” Slowly, but surely, it is creeping up the charts, quickly becoming one of the most integral parts of a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy — and a critical way to attract new and younger donors. This session will explore hot topics in online fundraising including: growth in giving, trends from thousands of nonprofits, the role of social media in online fundraising, the emerging channel of mobile giving, and the importance of building a multi-channel strategy. At the conclusion of this session, you should: understand how other organizations compare to your organization’s fundraising performance; learn ways to improve and diversify your online fundraising strategies, and discover how to leverage social and mobile technologies to grow online fundraising.

Up Close and Personal: Social Media Innovation in Friends Asking Friends

Presented by Amy Braiterman (Boston and Seattle)
Presented by Ian Gruber (San Francisco)

Let’s face it. Fundraising is a lot easier when you have a little help from your friends. This session will reveal the latest tools and technology we’ve built into Friends Asking Friends to make it simpler and more effective than ever for your participants and supporters to raise money for your cause. We’ll also take a look at new research and statistics surrounding the impact of social media tools on peer-to-peer fundraising. You’ll leave this session with fresh ideas and actionable items to help your participants start raising more money on your behalf today.

Why Email Is Still King: Strategy, Best Practices, and Techniques That Prove It

Presented by Howard Horowitz (Boston)
Presented by Pamela Snyder (San Francisco)
Presented by John Murphy (Seattle)

Mobile giving, social giving, team giving, and everything else seem to be ever-changing.  But the realm of fundraising email is still the best online fundraising empire builder! Zuri Group will lead you through world of email strategy, segmentation, integration, and tracking to ensure reliable results. This seminar will highlight best practices on: email-building to best convey your brand message and reach your supporters; how to overcome issues nonprofits face in getting their messages across; how to track integrated email/social media campaigns; innovative new tools that multiply your success; and which email add-ons will empower your supporters to succeed on your behalf. So join us for this engaging talk and learn why email is still king!

Your Data Goldmine: It's Closer Than You Think

Presented by Page Bullington

In this session, we will review the ins and outs of data mining, including best practices for reviewing both internal and external sources. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the information that fundraisers have residing in their constituent database systems while also reviewing external sources that can help in uncovering prospects as well. The session will continue with a skill lab that covers how the information should then be disseminated and managed for both major and annual giving. Lastly, we will cover key metrics that can help direct development staff to areas of success and those needing improvement.


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