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You’ve wondered. You’ve guessed. You’ve anticipated. And you still want to know, what are my next steps in the recruiting process? Although not every process looks the same for everyone, we want you to be aware of what our university recruitment efforts look like.

University - What To Expect FAQ

  • Did we meet on campus?
    Awesome! Thanks for stopping by to find out more from our on campus recruiting team. If you are signed up to participate in our interview day, please make sure you have applied online and that your application is in our system. Your recruiter will follow up on the interview decision within 2-3 weeks after the interview day.
  • Did you apply though our system?

    First, we may ask you to participate in an on demand video interview. You may be asking yourself, is this going to be awkward? The answer is, it could be. But hey, we love awkward, quirky-ness and we want your personality to shine through!

    Second, if you are a local candidate to one of our offices, we may ask you to come onsite to visit our office space and meet additional members of the team. Not local? Don’t worry! We utilize our video interviewing technology to it’s fullest potential and will set you up with a live video interview with members of the team.

    Lastly, we will ask you to input your references, utilizing a cool new system called, SkillSurvey. You are able to enter in at least 3 references, that you feel will give you the best recommendation for the job. This is a standard part in our process and helps us to understand how you work best with others!

    So, you’re done interviewing and your references are checked. What’s left? The decision. You can expect to hear from your recruiter, letting you know if the team would like to have you join. Good or bad, we want to let you know the decision right away, so we will do our best to provide this information as soon as we can.

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