Contract Review Resources

This page is for customers that received an email from Blackbaud regarding the status of their solutions agreement with us. Please review the frequently asked questions and next steps outlined on this page.


Questions Specific to Education Edge™ and/or Student Billing


Questions Specific to Blackbaud Education Edge


General Overview Questions


General Overview Questions

  • Why are you doing this now?
    Over the last 12 months, we have reviewed our policies to be sure we are providing the best-in-class service our customers deserve. Part of this process included a thorough review of the agreements we have with customers to ensure we have a signed agreement for every product a customer uses.
  • What does it mean to decommission a database?

    Decommissioning a database is a multi-step process we take to delete the information contained in your solution. The first step we take in this process is to turn off your access to the database.

    We will delete the production database a few weeks later.  After the deletion of the production database, backup copies of your data will begin to “age out”. This means they will be deleted because the product database is gone, so there is nothing to back up.

    If the particular solution we emailed you about was involved in the security incident, because of regulatory and/or legal inquiries, an additional copy of that backup has been moved to a secure Microsoft Azure storage account that is encrypted. We will retain those copies until we are legally permitted to destroy them.

    For Education Edge customers only: If you received an email about decommissioning Education Edge and you use Financial Edge, we will turn off your organization’s access to Education Edge but will not delete that data. If we do that, Financial Edge will not work as intended. Our engineering teams are working on a way to delete Education Edge data without impacting Financial Edge’s functionality. Even though we are not deleting Education Edge data right away, you will not be able to access that information once we turn off access, and we cannot pull the information for you once access is turned off. Separately, if you use Financial Edge and Student Billing, you will notice differences in your Student Billing database once Education Edge is turned off. If you have questions about this, please contact Blackbaud Customer Support.

  • I have more questions that aren’t answered on this page, who do I reach out to?
    Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.