Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas

Financial Edge NXT delivered on all the accounting needs for Fellowship Bible Church. In the past, when staff members would close their books at the end of each month, it would take another month before they could report on how their budgets looked and two or three months later to issue reports. Financial Edge NXT eliminated this significant delay, enabling team members to report on budgets in real time, so key stakeholders can know the church’s financial standing immediately. And end-of-month reports can be sent out much quicker as well.

Before joining Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas as a controller, Greg Seay worked in the trucking industry overseeing financial software implementation and data conversion. When he first started working at Fellowship Bible Church over a year ago, Greg knew the organization needed to invest in a more robust financial system. Fellowship Bible Church had been using Microsoft Dynamics®, which did not allow staff members to track their own assets or budget correctly.


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