PepsiCo Foundation

PepsiCo employees across the world join together to fight hunger through strategic partnerships.


The PepsiCo Foundation seeks to feed potential by alleviating hunger in vulnerable  communities. With the right technology in place, employees around the world came together to provide over 1 million nutritious meals in one month alone.  

PepsiCo employees donate, volunteer, and advocate for causes that matter to them all year long—but every October, the company makes it easy for its team to collaborate in a special way through an event called PepsiCo Gives Back.

“Our employees knew it would be incredibly powerful if we could all come together and volunteer at the same time,” said PepsiCo Foundation Vice President Sue Norton. “It began modestly with a handful of employees and grew and grew. Now we have tens of thousands of employees participating.”

In 2019, nearly 40,000 employees around the world joined together in dedication to a cause close to PepsiCo’s purpose as a food and beverage company: ending hunger.

“It’s nice when you can give back in an area that you’re familiar with and that you care about both professionally and personally,” Norton said. PepsiCo partners with global nonprofit organization Rise Against Hunger and, in 2019, provided 1.1 million nutritious meals for communities in need. PepsiCo used Blackbaud’s corporate social responsibility solution, YourCause CSRConnect to log and track its donations and employee volunteer hours along the way.

Expert Partners

Norton credited a combination of employee passion and strategic partnerships with the success of PepsiCo Gives Back. “While we have a lot of expertise in food and beverage because of the business we’re in, we are not necessarily experts at running large-scale volunteer meal packaging events,” she said. “That’s where an organization like Rise Against Hunger comes in, because this is what they do. They have the expertise and make it pretty turnkey.”

“When you have a large employee base of people who want to be active and give back, you need a way of organizing all of them,” Norton continued. “Blackbaud’s YourCause technology platform makes it really easy for our employees to register for an event, find a location nearby, and even provide their size for a fun shirt to wear while they’re volunteering."

PepsiCo Foundation

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