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The RISD Museum is a catalyst of cultural understanding, an innovators’ town square, and a place for investigation, transformation, and creative process. The Museum’s thoughtful, progressive, and vibrant exhibitions, programs, and opportunities inspire inquiry and encourage connections between the visual arts and other forms of creativity—from the literary to the scientific—by engaging creative practitioners and fostering ongoing conversations about creative practice in the here and now.

In 2011, the staff at RISD Museum knew there was a problem with the integrity and accessibility of their data. It took several weeks to collect data from various sources before it could be used in reports or mailing lists. Ticket sales and event registrations were handled by one system and online purchases were processed in another. Memberships and donations were kept in a third system that wasn’t designed to handle either and wasn’t easily accessible. In addition, youth program registrations and other contact information could be found in Excel® spreadsheets, Word® documents, and tacked onto bulletin boards. With the inconsistencies of the disparate systems, data accuracy was always an issue. The Museum was on the lookout for an all-in-one solution designed specifically for a cultural institution that would help it save time, streamline its data, and regain its focus.

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