West End Home Foundation

The West End Home Foundation evolves its grantmaking operations to drive the greatest impact.

From a home for Civil War widows to a grantmaking organization, The West End Home Foundation understands what it means to adapt and evolve. Looking toward its next chapter, the grantmaking foundation needed the right solution to streamline processes, track outcomes, and measure impact.

The West End Home Foundation began in the wake of the Civil War as a residence where aging widows could find community, security, and dignity. For well over a century, the Nashville “Old Woman’s Home” adapted and expanded—moving into new buildings, accepting couples and men, and eventually acknowledging that it could better use its resources in another way.

With more seniors living independently and more women entering old age with financial independence, the foundation could benefit its Tennessee community more broadly by funding organizations that serve elderly residents. In 2002 the foundation stopped accepting applications for its home, although staff cared for remaining residents until the last woman died in 2013.

The West End Home Foundation made its first grant in 2002. Since that time, the foundation has distributed nearly $15 million to dozens of organizations that serve older adults, ranging from housing and healthcare to transportation and social activities. After 15 years of funding, the foundation was ready for its next transition—into digital operations.

“We were doing everything manually—reviewing grants, monitoring grants,” said executive director Dianne Oliver. “We were giving out a fairly substantial amount of money every year and needed better systems in place to track what we were doing—and to receive and administer grants more efficiently.”


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