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We understand small colleges with less than 300 students operate with a small staff and limited resources, but your commitment to educating and graduating students in an environment conducive to learning is still your first priority. At Blackbaud, we strive to provide software solutions that allow you to look up from the computer and into the eyes of your students.

Our solution combines academics, financials, and advancement. It comes complete with student portals, grade books, assignment drop-boxes, and more. All this -- and it's available in three packages so you can choose the best one to fit your budget.

Our solution is designed for institutions with limited resources. It is hosted, so it doesn’t require significant IT support from your organization, and seamless information sharing across offices means there's no need for downloading, exporting, or shuttling of data. Plus, subscription pricing makes it affordable and easy to work within your budget.




  • Reduces need for IT support in the form of updates
  • Reduces need for servers
  • Accessible 24/7 with web browser
  • Product upgrades are automatic
  • Data is safe and secure

Subscription Pricing

  • Starter, Pro, and Premium configurations allow you to choose the package that best suits your institution

Fully Integrated

  • Data seamlessly shared between Admissions, Student Billing and Development
  • No need for downloads, exports or shuttling of data


Admissions Office

Easily identify your best applicants, how many open applicants you have, and the “next steps” to move applicants through the process.


Analyzing data is a great use of your staff's time -- not FINDING data. Set-up queries in your admissions office to run dashboards and reports. You can add new queries, refresh existing ones, or schedule reports to run on a regular basis.

Residence Life

Small colleges can eliminate administrative burdens by managing their housing process electronically with Residence Life, Blackbaud’s housing solution designed specifically for colleges with enrollment under 300 students.

Registrars Office

Significantly reduce time spent creating complex class schedules with sophisticated scheduling algorithms with considerations for teacher availability and qualifications, class size limits, room types and sizes, course rules, and gender balancing.

Faculty Portal

Instructors can input class assignments for multiple classes at one time, input grades, and set custom performance alerts.

Student Portal

Allows your institution to easily share information between instructors and students. It enables students to check grades, assignments, and schedule, as well as print transcripts — all conveniently from home. There is also a dropbox for students to submit assignments online.

Fundraising for Small Colleges

With The Raiser’s Edge, your staff can build better relationships -- especially with alumni -- because you can store extensive information including interests, activities, and more. You can access and create detailed or summary reports for donors, staff, and board members, as well as give donors the option of electronic, hassle-free giving both online and offline.

Business Office for Small Colleges

The Financial Edge is an accounting solution for small colleges that’s leagues above the rest. Simply put, it takes traditional fund accounting data, “de-codes” it, and gives it back to you as intelligent information you can use to quickly make the best strategic decisions for your organization.

Student Billing w/ EFT

With Student Billing, you can easily manage charges, payments, and deposits, choose from unlimited payment plan options, accommodate payment plans and financial aid for each student, support tuition refund plans, and import data from four leading tuition billing services.

Online Campus Community

Ensure that your website not only looks great but also has the power to aid in attraction, retention, and development. Our tool is powerful because our solutions are integrated, allowing you to deliver a unique, personalized experience for each of your site visitors.

Online Admissions

Organize, automate, and integrate application information so you can spend less time inputting data and more time recruiting students.



For a four-year subscription:



Pro Fundraising

Pro Financials


Four-Year Subscription





Blackbaud for Small Colleges at a Glance:



Pro Fundraising

Pro Financials


Admissions Office


Residence Life

Registrar's Office

Faculty Portal

Student Portal w/ services

Net Mail

Degree Requirement

Student Billing with EFT




The Raisers Edge (i)


The Financial Edge


Online Campus Community


Online Admissions


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