Raiser's Edge NXT for K-12 School Fundraisers 2/20

Sep 6, 2018, 18:53 PM
Event link : https://hello.blackbaud.com/REforK12.html
Start Time : 2:00PM EST
Display name : Raiser's Edge NXT for K-12 School Fundraisers
Start date : Feb 20, 2019, 19:00 PM

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® is the number one cloud fundraising and alumni management solution for K–12 schools. The first-of-its-kind, smart cloud fundraising and CRM software is all-inclusive, fully integrated, and built for the most effective school fundraising workflows.

Operate more efficiently, reach and engage new donors, and reduce donor attrition with this advanced technology, delivered in Blackbaud SKY®—the only fast, secure, open-cloud platform with integrated capabilities for school fundraising needs. With Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, getting donor support via online and mobile platforms is a breeze, and cultivating larger gifts is simple with wealth ratings and analytics.

Blackbaud's cloud solutions offer unmatched intelligence, accessibility, and user experience through the NXT solution line—all with dramatically reduced IT and third-party costs.

See end-user reviews from your peers in the 2017 TrustReport.

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  • Webinars
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  • Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
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  • K-12 Schools
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  • Fundraising and Relationship Management