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Accompanied by her fellow trainers, Amy Braiterman, author of Friends Asking Amy, is back for another exciting round of Boot Camp! Whether you’ve attended sessions before or you’re a Boot Camp newbie, we’re excited that you dropped in. In past series, we’ve provided tips for punching up your event fundraising. Now, we're kicking it into overdrive. Are you ready? Our series this year is chock full of new exercises to help you break free from the traditional peer-to-peer fundraising tactics. You’ll increase participation and revenue, and you’ll pull off the performance of lifetime.

Beginner’s Session: Turn Donors into Fundraising Machines

Tired of the same old fundraising routines? Then it’s time to diversify your revenue with a little help from your friends. In this beginner’s session, we’ll explore the wide world of peer-to-peer fundraising and show you how to turn your constituents into ambassadors for your cause. We’ll discuss how to engage and empower constituents by combining their affinity for your organization and the power of peer-to-peer fundraising. Are you ready to try something new?

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Boot Camp: 3-Day Training to Pump Up Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

Day 1: Diets Don’t Work Because It’s a Lifestyle

Dieting only gets you so far; if you really want to lose LBs a lifestyle change is needed. Are you ready to move beyond the traditional nature of events? In this session, Event 360’s Jeff Shuck will discuss how to transition your events from transactional interactions with participants to long-term sustainable relationships — from event recruitment, to how to turn participants into fundraisers and finally, how to continue the momentum with your event participants throughout the year.

Day 2: It’s Time for Interval Training!

Interval training — or mixing up your technique — is the best way to increase your fundraising performance. In this session, we’ll tackle online strategies to increase event recruitment, performance, and revenue. Charity Dynamics’ Donna Wilkins will help you beef up your online presence to engage the masses. Join us and get new ideas for email campaigns, Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and more.

Day 3: Personal Trainers Can Help Move the Needle

Sometimes you need to call in a personal trainer to meet your goals. For most peer-to-peer events, 20% of participants raise the bulk of the revenue. In this session, we’ll focus on strategies to support and cultivate these very valuable fundraisers. Blackbaud’s Nancy Palo will discuss how to identify participants who have potential to be top fundraisers and tactics for more personal engagement with these valuable participants.

Meet Your Trainers

Amy Braiterman,
Principal Strategy Consultant,
Donna Wilkins,
Charity Dynamics
Jeff Shuck,
Event 360

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  • Interval Training
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