Known Issues

Comment Knowledgebase Date Added
Unable to validate the address because the following State does not exist: when executing a data clean-up address validation. Validates OK from the constituent record. Validation fails on all London addresses when using the data clean-up address validation function. 72873 3/30/2015
The check constraint CK_INSTALLMENTSPLITPAYMENT_PAYMENTID_VALID on the INSTALLMENTSPLITPAYMENT table always returns a null value 1/16/2015
When revenue is pulled into a Revenue Update batch, the existing revenue category does not populate for those split between multiple designations. It does populate for those that have only one designation. 73881 3/3/2015
When users click on the advanced properties of a section of an Email Signup Form they receive a Server Error in ‘/’ Application Runtime error. This is caused by the fact that something from CRM was deleted that was used in that form. BB753423 11/6/2014
Date Changed and Changed by fields do not display the correct information if the last field changed was the deceased field on a constituent. When running a a constituent query and outputting the fields Date Changed and Changed by the results are incorrect if the last field changed on the constituent is Deceased. BB753327 10/30/2014
The following error message can occur when attempting to open a Revenue Update Batch: An unknown error occurred during the request. This could indicate a request to an invalid endpoint or a problem with the web server configuration. BB753171 10/22/2014
The following error could occur when attempting to load a custom batch extension: Unexpected routine type in Common.GetRoutineType. Did not expect. BB751814 9/18/2014
A queue to process email alerts does not run when scheduled. As a workaround the queue can be run manually. 12/16/2014
When using an Advanced Donation Form that processes on the form instead of using Payment 2.0, the part does not tokenize the Credit Card when processing a Recurring Gift. This results in subsequent installments not being charged since there is no token to reference. BB753346 11/19/2014
The following error occurs when attempting to commit a Direct Debit Rejection batch: Revenue cannot have an adjustment. The error occurs when the revenue record attempting to be adjusted already has an adjustment on it. BB750858 6/30/2014
Blackbaud secure payments page is not styled when using advanced donation form and proceeding directly to payment. When an advanced donation form is used and set to proceed directly to payment, the secure payments page is not picking up any styling and loads the default page style. BB737647 9/19/2014
When using Mobilize functionality and choosing File contact report from Pending steps of a Prospect Plan, a user may notice display issues such as text overlapping. BB749360 10/2/2014
New user registration comes down as profile update 1/26/2015
The email editor in the BBDM area doesn't allow you to edit an existing Special Link you have to completely remove the link and add a new one. 74236 2/27/2015
When users attempt to delete funding requests with no grant awards they receive Error: The funding request has associated grant awards and therefore cannot be deleted after all grant awards have been deleted. 4/6/2015
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