Known Issues

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When activating a Marketing Effort, a user may be presented with the error: Method not found: 'Boolean Blackbaud.AppFx.Marketing.Catalog.SPWrapMKT.UFN_MKTSEGMENTATIONACTIVATE_HASINACTIVETESTMAILING.WrapperRoutines.ExecuteScalar(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection, System.Nullable`1<System.Guid>, Int32)'. 10/17/2014
When installing the Blackbaud Excel Add-In Deployment Utility from the utilities on the BBCRM start page, the following error is received: An error occurred during the customization install. To remedy this problem, click Details for more information and contact your system administrator. As a workaround you can select to view the details of the error and copy the URL provided into a new browser window. The Excel Add-In Utility install will resume and instal successfully. 12/4/2014
Logging into BBIS from Payment 2.0 Page removes current items from cart. The items that show in the cart are the items from previous login session. 74065 1/30/2015
SectionField drop down is blank in web shell when being used to add Default Values to an add form. 73575 2/18/2015
Users with site security need additional rights to create an effort from a marketing effort plan 10/7/2015
Matching gift claims can be edited after posting. An error message is given after changing anything in the edit form and saving. 73511 3/16/2015
The expected behaviour is: if the constituent/registrant in the event registrant batch is not being auto-matched or manually matched in the batch it should create a new constituent, The actual behaviour is: but instead it actually being matched to a constituent with same name even when the contact details are no matched at all. (Only First name and Last name is matched) 3/23/2015
When attempting to adjust the amount of a donation in a revenue update batch, a user is prompted on whether they would like to adjust solicitor credits or tributes based on the new amount of the transaction. The transaction does not have any solicitor credits or tributes associated with it. Prompts: 'Would you like to reset solicitor credits to the new amount?' 'Would you like to reset tributes based on the new amount?If you choose not to automatically update tributes for this payment, you may need to manually update the tributes before updating the payment itself.' 74686 3/25/2015
When reviewing the ETL status log for version 4, this error appears multiple times. 83343 5/1/2015
When viewing to total on a Marketing Effort, the payment and pledge is being counted if the payment was entered in a batch along with a donation. If the pledge and payment are entered separately, the Effort only counts the pledge. 79863 8/20/2015
CRM users may notice the information under the Revenue History tab of a constituent’s record does not load when applying a revenue filter that is based on a dynamic selection. 92083 6/30/2015
When importing information that contains employee relationships with a constituent update batch, the process takes longer in version 4.0 than it did in version 2.94. 94932 8/13/2015
When merging 2 records together that also share a household, the household record is the source record and the target record. Based on the merged configuration, both records in the household should be the source records. 95711 9/16/2015
When saving after setting a filter in a data list created from the Revenue (from the Blackbaud Data Warehouse) query view, specifically when setting filters for attributes and smart fields. This does not occur in data lists created from the Revenue query view. 95836 9/21/2015
When running the blackbaud.appfx.rolesync.exe an error message is given. This only occurs when executing this from the command prompt. BB753742 10/7/2015
When deleting a page in the BBIS administration area, it is removed from the Site Explorer but remains available on the website itself 96259 2/22/2016
When running bbrepdep.exe against the data warehouse, users may receive the following error: There was a problem comparing the version of the data warehouse being deployed (15.0) and the current version of the data warehouse (15.xx) or DeployDataWarehouse An error occurred trying to deploy the datamart with options file 'C:\SiteManagerStage\Revisions\Enterprise CRM\Build4.0.155.0\Datamarts\bin\BBRepDepOptions.xml' 63186 10/6/2015
When running the Luminate Online Data Connector Business Process, you may receive Error: The operation has timed out. 96637 10/23/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, We've seen that a particular marketing effort is excluding two recipients as having opted out. However, other means of emailing these clients are successful, so it does not appear they have actually opted out. 96807 10/30/2015
When editing a constituent record from a row inside a batch you can add a relationship such as spouse and create a new individual record for that spouse. When creating the spouse this way a recognition credit will not appear on their record even if the default recognition settings are set up for spouse to get 100% match. 98192 1/12/2016
When working in CRM, you may find the need to adjust the amount of a payment with a matching gift claim associated using a Revenue Update Batch.  Under certain circumstances, you may receive Error: "The DELETE statement conflicted with the SAME TABLE REFERENCE constraint "FK_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM_SOURCELINEITEMID". The conflict occurred in database "databasename", table "dbo.FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM", column 'SOURCELINEITEMID' when doing so. 99092 2/24/2016
When entering revenue via batch entry with payment method= stock and application= pledge the revenue applies to the pledge as expected. When you go and sell the stock via the revenue record no matter what you put the sale price as it will show as a gain, even if the sale of the stock would have been a loss. This is not the same behavior if the stock is added via a revenue payment add (not via batch) 100558 5/5/2016
Source code not being brought over to the datawarehouse associated with a revenue record, there is a difference with what is available via a standard revenue query and a query based off the datawarehouse query view. 101230 5/12/2016
Pledge installments projection report showing incorrect fiscal years' in columns. Seems to be moving fiscal years incorrectly back one year based on how fiscal years are setup in admin. May be using calendar years as opposed to fiscal years. 101655 5/23/2016
When importing recurring gift payments into an enhanced revenue batch or manually creating enhanced revenue batches, the recurring gift payment handling rules set up in Revenue are not being automatically applied which is what causes the error to occur. 103962 8/15/2016
When navigating to the email message report you may find that bounced information is not being recorded for a specific message send. 104669 9/7/2016
When running an ETL refresh, the package 'BBDW_RPT_GIVINGLISTDETAIL' may take a long time to complete. 105646 10/11/2016
This issue occurs in the deploy log when updating to SP10, hotfix 37 and deploying the Data Warehouse: 10/20/2016 2:30:50 PM Information: WARNING: error loading catalog item BBDW.ReportDB.Catalog.BBDW_Fundraising.Package.xml: Server was unable to process request. ---> Unable to load catalog item. Record security is not supported for the Financial Transaction Line Item record type. Please change the record type or set EnforceRecordAccessSecurity to false ---> Record security is not supported for the Financial Transaction Line Item record type. Please change the record type or set EnforceRecordAccessSecurity to false You may also see that BBDW.ReportDB.Catalog.BBDW_Fundraising.Package.xml does not fully load 105947 10/24/2016
Bounced emails are showing as received in BBIS. 107079 11/30/2016
On the Data Warehouse under Administration the list builder is not getting completed after the SP 11 install. 107899 1/10/2017
BBDM data specific to the Donkey Sanctuary UK - Error calculating the segment record counts. Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#TEMP_SE__3214EC270A1F9DAA'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#TEMP_SEGMENTATIONSEGMENT'. The duplicate key value is (513461). 107930 2/15/2017
WRevenue Campaign merge fields are incorrect in email message based on a constituent export definition 108111 1/19/2017
Once a user gets to the Blackbaud Payments page the user cannot proceed unless they enter a zip/postal code for the international country in the Billing fields for a country that has no zip/postal code. 108442 2/2/2017
When users select the 'View HTML Code' on an email template with conditional content, the box that displays the code shows as blank with no pertaining code included. 108529 2/13/2017
In CRM, if you add a new email address under the Contact tab of a constituent and make it primary - the ClientUsers table in the database is not updated. Due to this, the reset password process in BBIS does not correctly function as it requires the old email address to be entered (so you get the error to insert a valid email address). However, in BBIS if you go to Users & Security -> Users and search for the user in question with the new primary email -> click on the pencil icon, the ClientUsers table is updated with the new email address thus the password reset process works correctly. 108578 2/8/2017
When a revenue record has been re-receipted in CRM, one may notice that the Transaction Manager part in BBIS duplicates the revenue on the History tab. Steps to Duplicate 1. In BBIS, navigate to the page that contains the Transaction Manager part. Click the View this page/template button. 2. On the page, click the History tab. Take note of the Revenue that shows. 5. Navigate to CRM. Navigate to a receipted revenue record associated with the CRM account that is linked to BBIS. Click Mark payment for re-receipt. Select a reason and click Save. 6. Navigate to Marketing and Communications > Receipts > Receipts tab. Find the receipt process associated with the receipt on the revenue record and click Start process. Make sure the Mark revenue ‘Receipted’ when process completes checkbox is checked and click Start. 7. Once the process has finished, navigate back to the revenue record to confirm it shows a receipt status of Receipted again. 8. Navigate back to BBIS and the page that contains the Transaction Manager part and see that the gift has been duplicated on the History tab. 108739 2/14/2017
View by disbursement list is blank inside of reconcile transactions and disbursements tab 108979 2/28/2017
No known issue 12/26/2016
With multicurrency switched on the BBDW pledge instalment balance query node returns negative results for payments instead of zero balance. 109393 3/22/2017
You may have a queue of adhoc queries and Smart queries. Some of these are timing out when attempting to process in a queue after installing SP11. 110182 4/20/2017
When merging constituents using a Constituent Merge Process, users may encounter the following error: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_MKTFINDERNUMBERCONSTITUENT'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.MKTFINDERNUMBERCONSTITUENT'. The duplicate key value is (xxxx). 109517 3/28/2017
Users may notice when processing split matching gift claims that the General Ledger distributions are not correct. For example, if the matching claim of $200 is split two ways, the GL distributions may show $100 applied to claim A and $200 applied to claim B. 109663 4/4/2017
Users may find that the WealthPoint Data Refresh tab times out when attempting to load the list. 109670 4/4/2017
When sponsorship donors with stored cards get new credit cards, the BBMS Credit card updater should send the new info to CRM. But if some donors are already in an open batch when the updates happen, they get the batch error “The credit card does not match the card stored with the Blackbaud Payment Service. Enter the credit card information again.”. 109942 4/19/2017
The "Constituent Revenue Application Amount Smart Field" calculates either 0 or an incorrect amount (usually 0) for the Total Application Amount for Household Member Revenue if a constituent has a dissolved household on their record. In comparison, this smart field considers individuals that do not have a household on their record as Individual Revenue = Household Revenue and the field populates as expected. 110145 4/27/2017
After manually changing the recognition credit type from the default recognition credit type in an enhanced revenue batch, the recognition credit type will change back to default if the transaction is sent to an exception batch. 110228 5/1/2017
After setting up a Newsletter template with Image Placeholders to use to create messages. When inserting a new image into an image placeholder it will not insert into the placeholder, rather it will insert below the newsletter template. This only occurs in Chrome version 58. 110236 5/1/2017
When adding a second commitment (pledge, recurring gift, etc.) to a constituent using the same credit card, you might notice that a second credit card entry and token is created. 110496 5/10/2017
In the latest version of Chrome (58), when double clicking on an image in an editor (FTI part, Email editor, etc) the fields to edit the image will appear blank, lacking the image information. You may also try to update a hyperlink, but are unable to replace it with a new link. 110250 5/16/2017
When a user opens an enhanced revenue batch (ERB) that has more than one page available it takes a long time to open. 110829 5/22/2017
When a user opens an enhanced revenue batch (ERB) that has more than one page available (over 50 rows) it takes a long time to click between the pages to make amendments. 110825 5/22/2017
Users that utilize site-security may find that scheduled export jobs return records outside of the scope of site-secured user that scheduled the job. 111036 5/30/2017
Users may encounter the following error when attempting to refund an event registration fee on the Edit Payment Form using Blackbaud Merchant Services : "Data could not be saved. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding." 111078 6/1/2017
When viewing the reconcile transactions and disbursements page a user who has a site assigned may see Gateway IDs in the drop-down menu that they should not have access to. 111116 6/2/2017
When viewing the Global pledge write-off page the data list that contains all of the processes does not have site security. Users are not able to assign a specific site to a Global pledge write-off process so it only shows for that site in the data list. 111119 6/2/2017
When viewing the Generate payments page the data list that contains all of the processes does not have site security. Users are not able to assign a specific site to a Generate payments process so it only shows for that site in the data list. 111120 6/2/2017
None. 111363 6/13/2017
None. 111369 9/8/2017
BBIS - Email sent from BBIS can be forwarded and the Unsubscribe link on the email will still allow access to change preferences for the original user. 57191 6/15/2017
Appeal Package Performance report is not site secured. When users with restricted site security view the Appeal Package Performance report they can see appeals from all sites. 111423 6/15/2017
When calculating segment counts for multiple marketing efforts which use the same segments the segment counts are not correct. This happens when different users calculate their segment counts for different efforts at the same time while using the same segments or exclusions. 000111431 6/14/2017
None. 111427 6/16/2017
Users may encounter a timeout error when attempting to access the Wealth and Ratings page from a constituent record. 111550 6/22/2017
When editing a designation for a Canadian Dollar pledge that has US Dollar payments on it, one may notice the Paid and Balance values change when the edited designation is saved. 111788 7/6/2017
Users may find that the Transaction Manager Part displays all the designations encompassed in a split gift for each split amount instead of itemizing which split amount is matched with its particular designation when viewing any gift type that includes revenue recognition. Depending on how "soft credit" is set, this may happen on household gifts, spouse gifts, family gifts, matching gift claims and other gifts where the revenue is not on the constituent's record, but recognition credits for the gift are. 111857 7/10/2017
Links to plans are incorrect on Prospects Without Recent Activity tab. When users click on a particular plan step on the Prospects Without Recent Activity tab they are taken to a plan that does not contain that step. 112082 7/19/2017
When accessing the site URL of any published CMS site, you are redirected to the Default site home page.  You are unable to access any non-default site. 1. Log into BBIS and go to Sites & Settings 2. Select a published site that's not a default site 3. Go to Settings Tab 4. Copy Primary site URL  5. Open a separate browser and paste URL 6. Note that you are redirected to the Home Page of the Default Site instead 112369 8/1/2017
When using the Capture card info task in an Enhanced Revenue Batch in conjunction with BlueFin, you might encounter the error, "Error: Unable to read card information. Please swipe the card again." 112490 8/3/2017
Pledge Gift Aid qualification status ‘not qualified’ is not reflected on pledge payments after pledge designation has been changed 112499 8/4/2017
We've discovered that the Constituent Update Batch is end dating email addresses on matches after manual review. 112506 8/4/2017
When a membership registration from BBIS is downloaded into a membership dues batch and the constituent is auto-matched in the batch (green arrow), the recognition credit type is blank for spouses on the revenue record. 112768 8/15/2017
When a multiple registration is brought into CRM via an OOB Event Registration Batch and is committed the Constituent record shows each line of the registration separately as opposed to cumulatively. 112913 8/23/2017
When sending a BBIS email message using an imported list data source, the view as a web page special link returns an error when loading the page: "woops, missing trid." 112937 8/24/2017
Smart Field Values sent in incorrect currency from Direct Marketing Effort Email (Euros instead of dollars). The email was sent as a Tax receipt to donors. 112982 8/25/2017
When a married constituent registers for an event listing their spouse as a guest, if the Event Registration uses the batch separation option, we have found that after committing both the Event Registration and Profile Update batches that the spouses are erroneously removed. 113339 9/14/2017
Smart Field Value with ETL to Data Warehouse Is Getting Clipped in New 4.0 Environment *Boston University's planned Go-Live for upgrading to CRM 4.0 is scheduled for September 30th and they have said that this will be a roadblock. Data Warehouse for client's new 4.0 environment is chopping off characters beyond 99 for custom smartfields they have created. The ETL is not putting the full value into the table. Since the value gets in the warehouse via ETL process, this appears to be where the issue is and not an issue with the actual smart field as the 3.0 value is correct. 113437 9/19/2017
None. 113461 9/20/2017
After sending email jobs from BBIS they are getting stuck in an a status of accepted, though the emails are being sent. This is not allowing the emails to update data with information on click reports, opens, and unsubscribe. 113714 10/3/2017
In Import, when using any Constituent Update Batch, besides the System Generated CUB, one may notice the Update Household Address field remains blank despite the import file having a 'Yes', 'True', or '1' in the field. This can lead to one encountering the following error upon commitment when the checkbox isn't manually checked in the batch: You cannot assign an end date to an address that is the primary address for either the household or another member in the household. Please review the addresses and either remove the end date or uncheck the 'Update household address' checkbox. 113893 10/11/2017
When several processes are enqueued, some will complete, and some may not complete. Processes with Job Schedules should not be enqueued. 113903 10/11/2017
When using the Apply Commitments feature in an Enhanced Revenue Batch, not all commitments are available in the window. 113997 10/18/2017
When using a Direct Debit Return Batch and writing off/rejecting a payment in 4.0, the balance is reset to 0. In 3.0, the balance is set to the original balance before the write-off/reject. 114151 10/26/2017
Funding Plans are not restricted by Site security 114194 10/27/2017
A duplicate gift aid refund is produced when a payment with gift aid already claimed is adjusted to change the designation to disqualified one and then the payment is deleted prior to the refund run. 114282 11/3/2017
883534 114308 11/6/2017
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