Known Issues Report 4.0

Known Issues

Comment Knowledgebase Date Added
Incorrect values to appear for drop down options in grids on forms. 67411 3/12/2015
When entering a payment using the payment add form and selecting gift-in-kind as the payment method the disposition field is not available. As a workaround the payment including the disposition can be added through Enhanced Revenue Batch 11/24/2014
Prospect research request email alerts do not respect site security 11/24/2014
When activating a Marketing Effort, a user may be presented with the error: Method not found: 'Boolean Blackbaud.AppFx.Marketing.Catalog.SPWrapMKT.UFN_MKTSEGMENTATIONACTIVATE_HASINACTIVETESTMAILING.WrapperRoutines.ExecuteScalar(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection, System.Nullable`1<System.Guid>, Int32)'. 10/17/2014
When attempting to create a new Constituent or Constituent Update batch, users are finding that it takes 30 seconds to a minute to save the template, even when only the defaults are saved. 70654 1/20/2015
The assign prospects in bulk process pulls in historical plans when it should not BB753384 11/14/2014
When running the Fundraising Purpose Revenue report, a user may notice that Pledge write-off amounts are being incorrectly added to the New Commitments total rather than subtracted. BB753455 11/12/2014
When trying to add a group to a system role, this error appears: Error: Record Operation could not be perfomed. Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. 70189 11/20/2014
Issues: 1. Incorrect last payment date showing on cancelled membership record 2. No payment has been recorded for membership, but under ‘Recent membership transactions ‘Paid by’ shows constituent name 11/26/2014
When installing the Blackbaud Excel Add-In Deployment Utility from the utilities on the BBCRM start page, the following error is received: An error occurred during the customization install. To remedy this problem, click Details for more information and contact your system administrator. As a workaround you can select to view the details of the error and copy the URL provided into a new browser window. The Excel Add-In Utility install will resume and instal successfully. 12/4/2014
When donors register themselves as the guests for en event online there is no option to change registrant option from New Constituent to Donor in BBIS Event Registration batch in Web Shell. The Donor option is available in Smart client. 12/8/2014
Users are requesting list builder also include drop-downs 73190 12/9/2014
When a large Export file is downloaded this causes most or all available memory to be consumed on the server. All users will receive the error "Exception of type "System.OutOfMemoryException" was thrown 12/19/2014
The following error is showing during an online donation: Error message: An error occurred during the transaction, and we cannot complete the transaction at this time. Our organization is aware of the issue, and we will complete the transaction as soon as we resolve the error. For information about the status of your transaction, please contact us with order number #########. 63400 12/16/2014
Attempting to run the ETL Refresh, and it's failing with the following error: Error: 2014-12-08 09:15:26.21 Code: 0xC002F210 Source: Create function Execute SQL Task Description: Executing the query "exec dbo.[USP_SELECTIONMERGE_CREATE_ETL] ?, ?, ?, ..." failed with the following error: "Invalid object name 'dbo.UFN_SELECTIONMERGE_07D49F52_B51F_47EF_960A_3752E1B6BAF3'.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly. End Error 12/17/2014
When using the SDK there is currently not a way to add/alter child tabs on existing pages when using the alterexistingpages task 1/6/2015
Transactions are failing to download with the following error: The error was: Unable to save batch row 1. Verify that the field BBNCORIGINPAGENAME is present in the batch template and that the value for the field is valid. 69432 1/12/2015
BBDW refresh hangs on FACT_CONSTITUENTATTRIBUTE 12/18/2014
Executing the query "exec BBDW.[USP_RPT_GIVINGLISTDETAIL]" failed with the following error: "The statement has been terminated.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly. BBDW_RPT_GIVINGLIST.dtsx fails with error String or binary data would be truncated. USP_RPT_GIVINGLISTDETAIL aggregates recognition data that can be larger than the [BBDW].[RPT_GIVINGLISTDETAIL] column maximum of 4000. 1/2/2015
Running the install for Service Pack 10 can result in slow performance of the installation BB754708 3/3/2015
When upgrading, revision error 1320.3510 - The UPDATE statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_JOBOCCURRENCE_VALIDRECURRENCETIMERANGE". Revision 3510 for revision set 1320 forces violation of check constraint CK_JOBOCCURRENCE_VALIDRECURRENCETIMERANGE. 12/12/2014
When attempting to submit a profile update form we receive the following error: An item with the same key has already been added. BB754790 1/28/2015
Scheduled Emails are Sent a Week Premature 1/29/2015
The following pops-up when trying to add a new recurring gift via an Enhanced Revenue Batch Would you like to reset the recognition credits to default for the new amount? 74064 1/30/2015
Logging into BBIS from Payment 2.0 Page removes current items from cart. The items that show in the cart are the items from previous login session. 74065 1/30/2015
Web Dashboards allow users to display data lists in multiple formats, including charts (graphs) and tickers. However, when a data list with revenue amounts is displayed in one of these ways, the "$" in money amounts shows incorrectly as a series of other, incorrect characters. Displaying the list as a standard data list part works correctly. 3/31/2015
When upgrading a database, the following revisions will fail if the BATCHREVENUE table contains a row that has a REJECTIONMESSAGE longer than 250 characters: RevisionID: 1275 for revision set 1340 RevisionID: 1740 for revision set 1340 RevisionID: 5400 for revision set 1340 RevisionID: 5600 for revision set 1340 BB754873 2/3/2015
When running a constituent query that uses Constituency filters and the option 'Only return records that match all selected values', a user may receive Error: Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier. 74858 2/4/2015
When attempting to run the Plan Status report against a Plan that has an activated Planned Marketing Effort, the error: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted). Query execution failed for dataset 'PlanStatus'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand). For more information about this error, navigate to the report server on the local machine, or enable remote errors. If you run the same report before activating the Marketing Effort, or if you delete the Marketing Effort, the report resumes working BB754920 2/5/2015
Duplicate Merge Process Fails when one process has no records in a queue with multiple steps. 74818 2/6/2015
Client cannot download exceptions from an Activated Marketing Effort. 2/9/2015
This error occurs when adding a field with "count" to the set sort and group options tab of a selection. It's occurring when using a selection within a selection. 74628 2/9/2015
When merging two constituents who each have a matching recognition program level for a different year, the earlier recognition program level is marked as Inactive (Merge). BB755210 2/18/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, a user may notice that calculating segment counts on a marketing effort takes longer than normal. 73579 2/18/2015
SectionField drop down is blank in web shell when being used to add Default Values to an add form. 73575 2/18/2015
Issue: When using the lookup-ID field in a BBIS Donation Batch (Enhanced Revenue Batch) a duplicate constituent is created upon committal 74775 2/20/2015
An error message is given when the Configure Help type option is switched to Legacy. Error: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. 74331 2/23/2015
Deleted wealth rating attributes from a constituent's record are still showing in the data warehouse. 74319 2/24/2015
Error: Conversion failed when converting from a character string to unique identifier when selecting the KPIs button on a Marketing Effort. BB755341 2/25/2015
When using a Payment 2.0 page you get the following error: [ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. 74235 2/27/2015
The ETL refresh is taking longer after upgrading to 4.0 74234 2/27/2015
Users are receiving the error: Error: Data could not be saved. Could not insert the value NULL into column 'CODE', table MKTSOURCECODEPART. column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails when attempting to Create an Effort from a Plan during 4.0 testing 73887 3/3/2015
·Summary of Issue: When going to Smart fields under Administration, receive error: ‘String or binary data would be truncated.’ BB755495 3/4/2015
When attempting to include conditional tags in CRM, the HTML does not update correctly. Adding the same conditional tags in a BBIS emails gives the expected result. 73863 3/4/2015
Clients created custom collection fields for adding an email address using the AddNew. This worked in webshell for 2.94 but now in 4.0 this doesn't work. Something has changed that has totally broke their customization between the versions with collection fields. Code is in attachments along with print screens of What shows the issue along with the specified code that causes the issue. 3/4/2015
Users with site security need additional rights to create an effort from a marketing effort plan 10/7/2015
Application user with the record operation of Batch: Updated Projected Totals being denied can still update the projected totals on a batch. 73789 3/6/2015
When attempting to change the constituent on a post payment that made a matching gift placed against it an error message is given even if the application on the matching gift had been adjusted first. 73774 3/9/2015
CRM users may notice that it takes several minutes to return results when searching for constituents and filtering on specific constituencies. 73757 3/9/2015
When adding a system role to an application user that has only search and view rights system role set to All records prevents site security from restricting revenue from being added to a constituent for a site that the user does not have rights to add revenue for. 73743 3/10/2015
When using an Import Process to do a Constituent Update Batch, incoming addresses are not added as new, regardless of the settings set in the Import Processes "Set Options" tab, "Constituent updates" sub tab section regarding Addresses. 73720 3/10/2015
A user may notice when marking a Prospect's only prospect plan Historical, that they no longer show up under a Fundraiser's Prospect Assignments even though that Fundraiser is still their Prospect Manager. 73685 3/11/2015
A function is utilizing a SQL query that joins the BBDW.DIM_CONSTITUENT table with three other tables. This function has been performing adequately in 2.9 environment. In the new 4.0 environment, it has gone from less than a minute in 2.9 usage to well over an hour in 4.0 BB755721 3/12/2015
Matching gift claims can be edited after posting. An error message is given after changing anything in the edit form and saving. 73511 3/16/2015
When setting up marketing effort templates you can specify selections for the exclusions section and lock them so they cannot be changed. Most locked options are hidden but exclusion selections are visible in the selection grid when creating a marketing effort from a template. With the right combination of steps a locked exclusion can be removed from the marketing effort 73475 3/17/2015
The membership contribution process is correctly adding a new membership level to a constituent when there is an existing expired one at a lower level. It is renewing the older one with the incorrect level, but with the correct expiration date. BB749417 3/18/2015
When viewing sql for the Country rule in the sponsorship greatest need functionality, the value does not match the front end. 73429 3/19/2015
When going to the Mobilize section from the landing page, and clicking on the link under the "KPI Dashboard" section, a missing file error occurs. 73421 3/19/2015
Appeal performance report is not including recurring gift payments. 3/20/2015
Error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host BB755906 3/20/2015
The expected behaviour is: if the constituent/registrant in the event registrant batch is not being auto-matched or manually matched in the batch it should create a new constituent, The actual behaviour is: but instead it actually being matched to a constituent with same name even when the contact details are no matched at all. (Only First name and Last name is matched) 3/23/2015
When attempting to adjust the amount of a donation in a revenue update batch, a user is prompted on whether they would like to adjust solicitor credits or tributes based on the new amount of the transaction. The transaction does not have any solicitor credits or tributes associated with it. Prompts: 'Would you like to reset solicitor credits to the new amount?' 'Would you like to reset tributes based on the new amount?If you choose not to automatically update tributes for this payment, you may need to manually update the tributes before updating the payment itself.' 74686 3/25/2015
When adjusting the amount of a matched encumbered transaction that is part of a Donor Challenge, a user may notice that they do not receive 'Error: 'You must remove the matching gift encumbrance before editing this payment'. The warning will only be triggered if you remove the application and then try to re-add a new application. It is not triggered by adjusting the amount of the application. 74659 3/26/2015
When adding a payment with 3 applications with different designations then removing or deleting one of the applications and redistributing the total amount among the remaining 2 applications, this error message displays: "Duplicate campaigns and sub-priorities cannot be specified for the same revenue record." This occurs when editing split gifts for donations where there is a matching gift claim only. 74463 3/27/2015
A user may notice that a query stops returning results after an upgrade to version 4.0 of CRM. 73570 3/30/2015
Payment applications selected using the “Apply to commitments’ window are not reflected correctly in the batch grid if the applications were hidden by search filters upon closing the ‘Apply to commitments’ window. 73566 3/30/2015
A user may notice after loading a row in batch using a Finder Number and then manually changing the constituent, the Finder Number, Appeal, Effort, and Source Code fields are automatically cleared. 73556 3/30/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, a user may notice that running ad-hoc queries with MODELINGANDPROPENSITY components takes longer than normal. 74030 4/1/2015
When entering a planned gift, users may any Remainderman value that is less than .05 gets rounded to 0.0. 3/20/2015
20+ hours of total upgrade time is accounted for by eleven *.Revenue.Batch.2.xml revisions when upgrading a large database from 2.9 to 4.0 4/3/2015
Error: Constituent can only have one primary phone This occurs in the Constituent update batch for existing constituents. Batches are created via an import process. 74184 4/6/2015
Occurs with the Constituent update batch for existing constituents. Batches are created via an import process. This occurs in 4.0 SP1. 74181 4/6/2015
A .net error message is giving when adding or deleting attribute categories 57926 4/9/2015
When creating a general correspondence process, users have the option to include household member processing (this is available when choosing a pre-configured output format, rather than an export definition). This means that if the selection of constituents to mail to includes multiple members of the same household, there will only be one piece of mail generated. However, when household processing is completed in general correspondence, the household record name show up in the export, in both the Addressee and Salutation fields. One of the individual members' names appears in the Contact Addressee field. This occurs even though the individuals are included in the selection, not the household. This functions differently than other types of mailings in Blackbaud CRM - in marketing efforts, when we choose to use household processing, one of the individuals from the household is the record included in the export - not the household itself. 73312 4/14/2015
When adding a task with an Action Type of BrowseQueryResults and Query Type of SmartQueryInstance, users may notice the Ad-hoc Query Search form wrongly appears when attempting to search for a specific smart query instance. 73282 4/15/2015
n attempting to disable all duplicate matching in an Import/Batch, a match is still made if Alternate Lookup ID is included in the Import file. 74450 4/20/2015
No way of searching or filtering for global change processes 74412 4/22/2015
When a user tries to view uncommitted batches that were created by another user with the same site, they do not appear under their login 74398 4/22/2015
When running a business process a user may receive Error: 'An error occurred before executing the process 'Business process': The business process 'Business process' is already running' even though the process was never kicked off again. The error may be followed by Error: An unknown error occurred during the request. This could indicate a request to an invalid endpoint or a problem with the web server configuration. Despite the errors, the process still completes successfully. 74388 4/22/2015
For some clients, the 4.0 delivered BBDW_FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEMSITE.dtsx can take a very long time to complete when performing a Blackbaud Data Warehouse ETL refresh. 74394 4/22/2015
When making adjustments to specific pledges in batch an error message is given after clicking OK on the Edit installment designations screen. Manually adjusting the pledge from the record allows it to save. This adjustment could be saved in previous versions. 74387 4/23/2015
When using a Donation Form part, the part can not be used properly if the Credit Card option for accepted payment methods is unchecked. 74371 4/23/2015
In previous versions of the application the system pushed membership expiration dates differently such that when you put a push date that falls after the expiration date and there is another expiration date it would expire you on the next expiration date in the future year. 74357 4/23/2015
When adding a sponsorship on a constituent record, the following error may occur: Error: Data could not be saved. String or binary data would be truncated. This message only occurs when using a payment method of 'Credit card - pay installments automatically'. 90753 4/24/2015
Exporting 'Class of' to .xls the date exports as a number with a comma (e.g. 2,015 instead of 2015) 83020 6/19/2015
The Job schedule time on a Queue job reverts to 12:00am no matter what time is set when using the Schedule type of One time. 4/29/2015
Recognition History filters incorrectly displaying payment when Include recognition for pledge payments even if the constituent already received recognition for the associated pledge is selected 83342 5/1/2015
When reviewing the ETL status log for version 4, this error appears multiple times. 83343 5/1/2015
Users are unable to delete memberships after the associated payment has been deleted. The user may see: "Unable to delete membership: This membership is associated with revenue and cannot be deleted" 83346 5/1/2015
Users receive an error: "Required field missing:ID" when attempting to Adding Action of Type "Show Report" in Webshell. 5/5/2015
Unable to load the fundraising purpose types table without a timeout 5/6/2015
Users receive Error: The section could not be loaded. Input string was not in a correct format when clicking on sponsorship effort templates. Sponsorship Effort Templates open to the Sponsrahip Rules tab as this is where the error is thrown. The error only occurs in Web Shell on SP 11 and higher. 71614 5/7/2015
Error: "Must set the pledge property before loading this form." when editing installments in Enhanced Revenue Batch. 83021 5/9/2015
When calculating segment counts, this error may appear: An error occurred before executing the process 'Marketing Effort Segment Record Count Calculation': Error calculating the segment record counts: Invalid source code for segment '[segment name]'. The invalid section of the source code is of type 'User Defined' and is named '[name]'. Please enter a valid code for the marketing effort. 79794 5/11/2015
When running the reconition credit report some users are seeing wait times of several minutes depending on the options that are selected. 79797 5/11/2015
When users add a new Marketing Effort to CRM version 4.0, they have the option of also adding a Test Effort. However, when adding this new Test Effort, the error: Data could not be saved. Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.MKTCOMMUNICATIONTEMPLATEDEFAULTSOLICITCODES' with unique index 'UIX_MKTCOMMUNICATIONTEMPLATEDEFAULTSOLICITCODES_COMMUNICATIONTEMPLATEID_SOLICITCODEID'. The duplicate key value is (f1287f8f-0efc-4b3c-88b8-fd53e35045dc, fa54a5e1-b91f-447d-b9f6-b6760c98a80e) is received. 79823 5/11/2015
When viewing to total on a Marketing Effort, the payment and pledge is being counted if the payment was entered in a batch along with a donation. If the pledge and payment are entered separately, the Effort only counts the pledge. 79863 8/20/2015
When adding a step in a queue, using the search for to locate the AddressFinder Submit Process, the resultant list does not include the names of the processes. 79873 5/12/2015
When entering data in batch you may see the message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." This happens when a constituent has a commitment and the application field is selected from. Once this error occurs the batch drop-downs and actions will freeze preventing you from making any other changes although the batch can be saved. 80409 5/13/2015
Error: "This operation has timed out." when reviewing Recognition Credit History on a Recognition Program. 80664 5/13/2015
Reporting Filters are available for users to set default Filters when they view Revenue History and Recognition Summary, based on Revenue Type and Recognition History Type. However, the Recognition History tab is not including Planned Gifts, even though the Reporting Filter specifies to include them. 80917 5/14/2015
When attempting to open or refresh an Excel OLAP report, the error: Either the user, <username>, does not have access to the Infinity_DEMO_RPT_BBDW_UDM database, or the database does not exist when opening or refreshing an OLAP Excel report is returned. 80934 5/14/2015
When attempting to link existing revenue to an opportunity, CRM users may receive the error message below if the “Only include revenue with the same designation” option is selected. Error: Invalid column name ‘REVENUEID’ Invalid column name ‘REVENUEID’ 83602 4/28/2015
In CRM, it is possible to globally assign Prospects. When running a Prospect Assignment Process, a user may receive Error: An error occured before executing the process 'Prospect Assignment Business Process': The INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint. "CK_PROSPECTMANGERHISTORY_VALIDCONSTITUENT". 84436 10/21/2015
Donor does not receive recognition credit for matching gift claim payment added via Enhanced Revenue Batch. This occurs when the donor ofthe Matching Gift Claim is not the same constituent paying the matching gift claim. Example: Comapny A has a matching gift claim but Company B makes a payment towards Company A's matching gift claim 86294 5/21/2015
Users have the option to enter an Event Registration in an Enhanced Revenue Batch, using Apply to Commitments. However, they are finding that intermittently the link to the Event Registration is removed from the Application field while Validating the Batch. The causes the exception 'Required Field Missing; Designation'. 86293 5/21/2015
Poor performance compared to version 3 on bbdw package. 87211 5/26/2015
When adding or upgrading a membership to a new level where the term is greater than a year the exipration date is incorrect. This only occurs when the membership exipration term is fixed based and there is no push date entered. 88289 5/27/2015
There are two queues that are taking longer in test to run as compared to production. DM Grizzard Acknowledgement Selection Refresh and the DM Summit Acknowledgement Refresh. 88443 6/8/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, a user may notice that ad-hoc queries that use attributes may take longer than normal. 88519 6/2/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, a user may notice that ad-hoc queries that use attributes may take longer than normal. 88519 6/2/2015
When European donors submit transactions on Donation forms in Euros the corresponding E-Receipts and E-acknowledgments show incorrect amounts that are inflated 88516 6/3/2015
When donors select a giving level in Euros on a BBIS Donation page and submit the transaction, BBPS authorizes the transaction for 100 times the value selected. 88518 6/3/2015
When viewing the Export Definition page in Administration, the screen takes awhile to load. 88826 6/4/2015
Users with rights to a particular site hierarchy cannot see batches associated with that site hierarchy when filtering on Batches associated with My Site’s Branch on the Uncommitted Batches tab. Users with rights to a particular site can only see batches they own associated with their site and not other users' batches with the same site. 88948 6/8/2015
New addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are added as primary when imported into a Constituent Update Batch, despite the rules that are set, if they are flagged as primary in the import file. 88992 6/8/2015
The Immediate Origin numberr is limited to 9 digits but certain banks require 10 digits. 89294 6/9/2015
When importing a marketing effort which contains test segments, exceptions are given in batch but the batch is committed anyway through the import process and a blank exception batch is also created. The error given is "Test segment code matches an existing test segment, but the test segment name does not match that same test segment." We can manually add test segments with the same information manually to the marketing effort. 89308 6/9/2015
CRM users may encounter the error “Business unit’s amount cannot exceed its application applied amount” when attempting to adjust a posted payment where the transaction amount has been applied to a business unit. 89318 6/10/2015
CRM users may notice that the ‘Years consecutive’ value in query appears to be inflated when returning information for a recognition program. 89333 6/10/2015
CRM users may notice that the “Installments/Write-off Activity” tab of a pledge record is missing the installment schedule upon reviewing a pledge that was added through a batch commit process. 89644 6/10/2015
Users have the option to manually merge two Constituents. However, if the Target Constituent has a large amount of information, the error: timeout expired may be received. 90659 6/11/2015
When users run a Generate Revenue Update Batch process it completes with exceptions. When running the Exception report for the process there are transactions with error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'HTMLNOTE', table '48502_EC_30.dbo.BATCHREVENUENOTE'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. BBERR_ORIGINAL_ERROR:515 BBERR_ORIGINAL_PROCEDURE:USP_REVENUEUPDATEBATCH_GETNOTES_ADDFROMXML BBERR_ORIGINAL_LINE_N 90669 6/11/2015
When creating/editing an ad-hoc query, all users are kicked out of the application 90720 6/11/2015
When new constituents are added from a Sponsorship batch created via an import, the Omit from Validation checkbox is checked for the address added to the new constituent. 90761 6/12/2015
Batches created from the Generate Payments process are not populated wit ha GL post date. When users open these batches they immediately receive Error: Required field missing: GL post date and cannot commit the batch without entering a post date. 90793 4/11/2014
When updating or changing prospect managers on a constituent if the same prospect manager is used twice in a row the previous prospect manager history item is overwritten with the new entry. 90902 6/17/2015
Users may notice that the sort order is lost each time a registrant is assigned to a seat, and they must reselect the desired sort order. This occurs if they have selected the option to only show ‘Unseated registrants’ when assigning seats. 90914 6/17/2015
Editing the Constituent on a Enhanced Revenue Batch clears out the Application field on the row for the edited record. Validating the batch after the Application field has cleared causes the Designation field to clear out. 90916 6/17/2015
When upgrading to version 4.0, the ETL refresh is taking longer than it did in version 3.0 74234 6/19/2015
Error: The operation has timed out when viewing the revenue history tab using a revenue filter 741198 6/22/2015
When users enter a future date and time in the send date field on a Marketing Effort email job, the email job runs immediately. 91344 6/23/2015
CRM users may notice they’re able to edit contact information on constituent records that they shouldn’t be able to edit based on the constituent's site assignment. 6/23/2015
When you add a date of birth when filling out the BBIS registration form it isn't pulled through to the BBISSignups batch in CRM. 91988 6/26/2015
BBIS Profile Update transactions fail with error: Could not download transaction with ID "999". The error was: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. 92023 6/29/2015
This occurs when opening a committed revenue batch that was committed before upgrading to CRM 4.0. This does not occur for uncommitted batches created in 4.0 or those batches committed in 4.0. This also occurs when searching for these committed batches in Revenue\Batch Search. 92070 6/30/2015
CRM users may notice the information under the Revenue History tab of a constituent’s record does not load when applying a revenue filter that is based on a dynamic selection. 92083 6/30/2015
The same solicitor is added to a payment multiple times if the fundraiser is listed as both a prior and current solicitor. 92108 6/30/2015
A user may notice that some transactions committed via an enhanced revenue batch have extra rows of recognition 92962 7/6/2015
When you change the designation on paid pledge instalment that's already had the gift aid claimed the tax claim number is removed from the payment. This shouldn't happen if the new designation still qualifies for gift aid for the existing charity claim reference number. It also means the payment can be picked up by a new R68 process when it's already been claimed. 94018 7/8/2015
When running a receipt process the error "An error occurred before executing the process 'receipting process': A secondary error occurred while processing an error generated by the business process. The original error was Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression' The subsequent error was could not drop object 'dbo.RECEIPTINGCONSOLIDATEOUTPUT_FFD60F80_718F_4E02C_4C7B5F8A5FFD' BECAUSE IT IS REFERANCED BY A foreign key CONSTRAINT. 7/10/2015
When you initially apply a payment to a pledge in a revenue update batch you can see the designation. After the batch is saved and closed, the designation is no longer visible on the batch row 94121 7/10/2015
Data hygiene setting needed for individuals incorrectly updates organization names in CUB. 94141 7/13/2015
After stock is received in the system as a payment it can subsequently be sold for a gain or loss. Sometimes after selling stock for specific amounts you may notice that underlying General Ledger amounts and the revenue amounts shown are the stock sale are off by a penny. 94150 7/13/2015
When running the Appeal Profile report, it adds the value of the Recurring Gift and the Payments, rather than just the Payments. 94165 7/13/2015
Running a Generate Revenue update batch process removes Application on Revenue records. When users open the batch created from a Generate Revenue update batch process, they receive error: you must have at least one Application. 94180 6/11/2015
Giving list does not reflect the date on the gift 94233 7/15/2015
When adjusting the amount of a transaction in batch, the receipt amount is not automatically adjusted to match. 94262 7/16/2015
Queries intermittently slow to open or edit. 94334 7/20/2015
Static queries take longer to refresh in the latest version 94352 7/21/2015
After deploying the data warehouse you may notice the step that transmits all of the Financial Transaction line item information during the incremental refresh information into the data warehouse database takes several hours to complete. 94354 2/27/2015
When using an Event Registration Form part in BBIS that has been configured to use an event with a met capacity and a non-capacity event, you will receive a capacity limit error when attempting to register for an event that has no capacity limitation set on it. 94390 7/22/2015
The Application and Amount Applied fields are blank when importing pledge payments for a pledge that belong to a different Constituent. The pledge for the other Constituent appears in the apply to cmmitments window but the payment is not applied to it. This make it so that there is no way to import payments and apply them to a another Constituent's pledge. 94444 7/24/2015
1 Select Administration> Data Warehouses> Blackbaud Data Warehouse 2. Reset ETL 3. Start ETL refresh 4. See packages that are taking longer to process: BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTADDRESS.dtsx BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTADDRESSATTRIBUTE.dtsx BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTAPPEAL.dtsx BBDW_FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM.dtsx ' BBDW_FACT_INTERACTION.dtsx BBDW_FACT_MODELINGANDPROPENSITYATTRIBUTE.dtsx 94516 7/29/2015
When importing transactions via a lockbox into an Enhanced Revenue Batch, some transactions are showing the message " In account system "Name", account segments have not been defined for the segment values: Segment "Designation': Designation: Name. When importing, users selected the option to create exception batches however they are blank. 94541 7/30/2015
When users attempt to edit Child records in Sponsorship, they receive an error when trying to save their changes. Error: This child has more sponsors than the child's group allows for the selected location when editing a child record 94610 7/31/2015
When downloading the exceptions from a Fixed-Width Import, a user may notice that the exceptions do not include any spacing between the values for the row in question. All of the fields are concatenated into one long line. 94649 8/3/2015
Last Login date is incorrect (for some users) in online information section of CRM record and does not match the BBIS user’s last login date. 94698 8/4/2015
When changing the constituent on a transaction in a batch, recognition credits are being deleted for all rows below the change. This only occurs if the batch is being created from an import and the import is mapping the additional applicaiton stream collection field. 94742 8/6/2015
The user will get the error message below if their sponsor sign up details matches with the existing constituent in CRM: (E.g.: Same name, email, phone etc...) Error: Blackbaud.AppFx.Server.ServiceException An error occurred before executing the process 'Batch Commit Process’ Exceptions occurred during batch validation, when sponsoring a child 94831 8/11/2015
Users are able to add Campaigns with Goals, as well as a Campaign Hierarchy that includes Child Campaigns-- these Campaigns can also have their own Goal Amounts. After editing the Amount of a Child Goal, users are finding in Query, they see a line for every Amount that was ever saved to that Child Goal Amount. 94836 8/11/2015
When importing information that contains employee relationships with a constituent update batch, the process takes longer in version 4.0 than it did in version 2.94. 94932 8/13/2015
Error: Account segments have not been defined for the segment values when payment type is credit card in the Enhanced Revenue Batch. This occurs when the payment type is credit card, but not other payment types. 94974 8/14/2015
A user may notice that the Generate Payments process has slower performance in 4.0 than in previous versions of CRM. 94979 8/14/2015
Links in some email messages redirect to the website home page instead of the intended link. Also, when we add links to a new Email > Message in Blackbaud Internet Solutions, we can view the Click-through information about each of the links. However, when viewing the Click-through tab, the following message is displayed: This email message does not contain any links. 94919 7/21/2015
Loyal Donor Constituency deleted out of Blackbaud Data Warehouse after full reset and refresh. This seems to be in direct relation to an issue with the out of box SSIS package causes 6 giving years to show regardless of how many years the constituent really has or what is set on the front end for the loyal donor constituency as far as how many years are required to be a loyal donor as configured in Constituents\Constituencies\Donor constituency criteria\Edit\A loyal donor. The Loyal Donor Constituency gets deleted out of the Blackbaud Data Warehouse only after a full reset and then subsequent refresh, it does not occur after only a refresh. This happens for all constituents in the Blackbaud Data Warehouse that previously had the Loyal Donor constituency prior to the full reset and refresh occurring. 95017 8/17/2015
When adding multiple additional applications/designations to an enhanced revenue batch Gift-in-Kind Payment the following exception is received after validating the transaction: "You must have at least one application" 95041 8/17/2015
When a prospect is going to have a new manager you can use the function on the Prospect Team tab to Replace prospect manager. The new managers start date cannot overlap with the previous manager, but sometimes even when it doesn't an error is given that says the start can't come before the previous managers end date. 95064 8/18/2015
Error: “You must use a selection that includes a system record ID in the primary key field. System record IDs appear in the list of primary key options when you include them as output fields in the queries you use to create the selections. Note, for a constituent view smart query, include the ‘Constituent record’ field. For a revenue view smart query, include the ‘Revenue record’ field.” when editing an Export selection with a smart query. 95111 8/19/2015
When smart field are refreshed, they should look out into the database for records that have changed since the last time the smart field was run to process the information efficiently. We have noticed that in some cases newly added information is not picked up into smart field calculations unless the its edited first. 95223 8/25/2015
A user may receive Error: Other method is required - when committing recurring gifts and their payments in an Enhance Revenue Batch even though Other method is already filled in. 95270 8/26/2015
Designations show for zero dollar amounts after editing a pledge when viewing the pledge installments tab 95274 8/26/2015
When entering payments, users can apply amounts to pledges that are larger than the balance of an installment. One can also adjust how recognition credits are distributed. When doing both of these things in batch, the recognition amount changes are not kept after the payment is committed 95284 8/26/2015
When editing pledges, we can make changes to the designation, installments and the distribution of the amounts across these two dimensions. In some cases after making adjustments the pledge will not save the changes for some of the installments and give an error message. 95279 8/26/2015
When accessing Database Growth Management through Administration, the audit tables are not organized by size, when they should be based on Product Documentation: Data Management in Blackbaud CRM Guide (pg 6) 95330 8/28/2015
When attempting to add a public media group segment the following error occurs: 'The exposure's start date must be less than or equal to its end date' 95335 8/28/2015
When editing the revenue category of a pledge payment that has an opportunity associated, the error: The opportunity field can only be set when the application is Donation is received. 95374 8/31/2015
When viewing the Payment tab of a sponsorship the following error can occur when a finder number greater than 11 was used to enter the Sponsorship Error: The section could not be loaded. Data form could not be loaded. Error converting data type bigint to int when viewing the marketing information of a sponsorship payment 95470 9/3/2015
When running the recognition program process and a constituent qualifies for a higher level the amount of the previous level changes to an incorrect amount. 95496 9/4/2015
When attempting to use a Marketing Effort Export Definition the following error can occur: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object This does nto occur for all export definitions and the export definition can be recreated and it will run successfully. 95776 9/17/2015
Members are not being added to research list when adding a selection. After adding the selecting and saving the list, no members appear. However, if you add the member on a one off basis by clicking on the Add member button and saving, then the member appears in the list. This occurs when creating a new query or editing an existing. Additionally, after adding the query and then saving the list you will sometimes see a notification on the top saying "Research list refresh is in progress", however it will never finish and add the members. 95784 9/18/2015
We have a generate payments process. Opening the process and clicking the edit button produces the error "The record specific does not exist for this data form". 95818 9/21/2015
When saving after setting a filter in a data list created from the Revenue (from the Blackbaud Data Warehouse) query view, specifically when setting filters for attributes and smart fields. This does not occur in data lists created from the Revenue query view. 95836 10/8/2015
When trying to remove a solicit code from marketing effort exclusions the user gets Error: Data could not be saved. Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.BUSINESSPROCESSCOMMPREFEXCLUSIONS' with unique index 'UIX_BUSINESSPROCESSCOMMPREFEXCLUSIONS_BUSINESSPROCESSPARAMETERSETID_SOLICITCODEID'. The duplicate key value is (GUID #) 95838 9/21/2015
When attempting to search for a Smart field that has Site Security setup for a specific Site in CRM to add a step for the Business Process Parameter set, their are no records returned when filtering based on the Site. 95839 9/21/2015
Refreshing a static selection takes 25 hours in version 4 95890 9/23/2015
Updating unmapped transactions takes hours to run 95924 9/24/2015
When users manually enter credit cards and validate the batch they receive the error: The credit card is not properly stored with the Blackbaud Payment Service. Enter the credit card information again. This occurs for credit cards that have valid tokens. 95954 9/24/2015
After upgrading to 4.0, constituent update batches with relationships take significantly longer than batches without relationships. 96013 9/28/2015
When performing various actions in the database a deadlock error message appears. This could occur when saving a revenue record, performing a constituent update or adding solicit code. This error is indicative of multiple process attempting to affect the same records simultaneously. We would normally expect one process to wait on the other. 96015 9/28/2015
When running the blackbaud.appfx.rolesync.exe an error message is given. This only occurs when executing this from the command prompt. BB753742 10/7/2015
When deleting a page in the BBIS administration area, it is removed from the Site Explorer but remains available on the website itself 96259 10/8/2015
When attempting to commit an enhanced revenue batch with paymetns applied to a pledge and a default revenue type of payment in the batch the following error occurs. Error: The total amount must be equal to the sum of the amounts applied to commitments 96278 10/9/2015
User may receive the following error message when they run smart query: Unable to process query request. The given key was not present in the dictionary 96291 10/11/2015
Revision error occurred when upgrading from v3.0 SP9 to v4.0 SP2 (base build installer) - 905.BankAccountSEPAInfo.Table.xml- System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: String or binary data would be truncated. 96293 10/12/2015
When running bbrepdep.exe against the data warehouse, users may receive the following error: There was a problem comparing the version of the data warehouse being deployed (15.0) and the current version of the data warehouse (15.xx) or DeployDataWarehouse An error occurred trying to deploy the datamart with options file 'C:\SiteManagerStage\Revisions\Enterprise CRM\Build4.0.155.0\Datamarts\bin\BBRepDepOptions.xml' 63186 10/6/2015
When import constituent updates in a previous version the data entry settings for name updates would affect incoming records when identifying the constituents by their Lookup ID. In version 4.0 the constituent update rules no longer apply to records that are explicitly selected using a lookup field. 96354 10/13/2015
CRM users may notice they are unable to add Model Scores and Ratings to organization records via the Model Scores and Ratings batch template; they are only able to search for individual constituent records while working in the batch. 96414 10/15/2015
When looking at Global Changes, a user has the option for filtering on specific Global Changes based on their Sites. A user may notice that filtering on those Sites does not return Global Change processes from those Sites. 96434 10/15/2015
When adding a payment using the add payment form, the account system ML_test2 changes after saving. Note on the add payment form you see account system ML-test2 as that is the only one you have access to. Under add payment task,enter any amount, select a designation, add application and save. Look at the GL distribution tab and notice the payment has been saved used the system generated account system. 96431 10/15/2015
Nearly all SQL statements of the form UPDATE dbo.DESIGNATIONLEVEL that update multiple rows at once result in the following SQL Server error: 96453 10/9/2015
When creating a Constituent ad-hoc query, adding the recognition program field to the criteria and then searching for the program, a user in the All rights role will still get this error in the Constituent query view, but it does not occur in the Recognition program query view and does not occur for system admin users. 96456 10/16/2015
Error: An error occurred before executing the process ‘Marketing Effort Export Process’: Error running marketing effort export. There is already an object named '#TEMP_CONTACTPREFERENCES_GETFORMATS’ in the database – when exporting a marketing effort. 96465 10/16/2015
Revenue amount in the data warehouse is shown as Organisation currency rather than base currency. 96493 10/20/2015
When entering payments for recurring gift using enhanced revenue batch manually added recognition credits that were added to the recurring gift are not added to the recurring gift payment. 96625 10/22/2015
When running the Luminate Online Data Connector Business Process, you may receive Error: The operation has timed out. 96637 10/23/2015
Batch Assignment with default Constituent Site creates new organization record without site assignment, while the same batch assignment creates new individual constituent records with site assignments. 96710 10/27/2015
Our Marketing Effort Selection Refresh Process Queue took over 23 hours to run until it hit the app pool. 96718 10/27/2015
When attempting to download BBIS Donations in CRM Web Transactions Batch Assignment, the following error is received even though the Routing/Account number was validated without issue through the form/processor in BBIS: Error: Could not download transaction with ID "10041". The error was: The specified routing number is invalid. 96732 10/28/2015
When attempting to copy a marketing effort segment from one effort to another, CRM users may encounter the error, “The current user does not have rights to use this form.” 96777 10/29/2015
The REVENUE_EXT.NONPOSTABLEBASECURRENCYID is not being set for matching gifts which causes issues with ad-hoc query reports. The base currency in the query for the matching gift claims will show as NULL because they use the REVENUE_EXT.NONPOSTABLEBASECURRENCYID for basecurrency id if the typecode is 3 (matching gift). If the ad-hoc query is grouped by designation it shows the designation twice with two different sums one with a designation and a null base currency and then the other with designation and non-null base currency. Base currency id is hidden in the output but is built in to the query. 96803 10/30/2015
Odata is a tool used for pulling query reports into various reporting plaforms. You may notice that when refreshing the odata feeds in Excel with powerpivot the results will sometimes only show the header row. On subsequent refreshes the full results will appear 96829 11/2/2015
When editing irregular Pledge installments in a Revenue Update Batch, all the installment dates are changed to today’s date 96852 11/3/2015
When donors add corporate gifts via BBIS Donation Pages, the Constituency code on the donation form is not added to the donor(Organization). 96915 11/4/2015
The 'View By' option within Information Library is not a sticky search when selecting to view by Category, Owner, or Record Type 96918 11/5/2015
After merging two records where the source record is the primary member of a household, you may notice that both records still show in the constituenthousehold table and both have a value of 1 for ISPRIMARYMEMBER. The value of 1 shows that the record is the Primary member of a household. 97028 11/10/2015
When running revisions against a database, the following error occurs: The "RunServiceRevisions" task failed unexpectedly. Blackbaud.AppFx.Platform.BuildTasks.RunServiceRevisionsHelpers.RevisionExecutionException: An error occurred while executing a service revision. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. 97034 11/10/2015
The user may receive the following error when they try to insert a record in Enhance Revenue Batch using ‘Finder number’. Batch error: Please enter at least one designation 97147 11/17/2015
If the launch date is blank at the time the marketing effort is activated the sent date may show as blank on the constituent record 97151 11/17/2015
When creating Event options it is possible to add a Benefit that includes a Quantity and Unit Value. When registering a constituent for more than one of the same options, you may notice that the Quantity is doubled which is correct however the Unit Value is also doubled which is incorrect. The Unit Value should never change. 97220 11/19/2015
When an existing Sponsor attempts to Gift a Sponsorship transaction to another existing Sponsor, the Child / Sponsorship is recorded under the Sponsor that submitted the transaction and not the Sponsor that was gifted it. This reporting of the Gift Sponsorship showing under the wrong record is displaying in CRM and on the BBIS Sponsorship Status page. 97223 11/19/2015
1 Select Administration> Data Warehouses> Blackbaud Data Warehouse 2. Reset ETL 3. Start ETL refresh 4. See packages that are taking longer to process: BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTADDRESS.dtsx BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTADDRESSATTRIBUTE.dtsx BBDW_FACT_CONSTITUENTAPPEAL.dtsx BBDW_FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM.dtsx ' BBDW_FACT_INTERACTION.dtsx BBDW_FACT_MODELINGANDPROPENSITYATTRIBUTE.dtsx 94516 11/21/2015
When entering credit cards manually into batch using the Enhanced Revenue Batch template saving and closing the batch and then running the credit card process upon returning to the batch see the error message displayed for the lines in the batch. 97321 11/25/2015
The Data warehouse is a database that is refreshed from the CRM transactional database. The ETL refresh process accomplishes this. The ETL refresh failed with the following error: An error occurred before executing the process ‘Data Mart Stat ETL Refresh Job Business Process’: Job finished with outcome 0 – Failed Error available in the ETL Refresh status log: Error: 2015-11-25 05:46:47.53 Code: 0x00000000 Source: Insert into Fact Description: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int. End Error Error: 2015-11-25 05:46:47.54 Code: 0xC002F210 Source: Insert into Fact Execute SQL Task Description: Executing the query "declare @COUNTS table([INSERTED] int); insert int..." failed with the following error: "Arithmetic overflow occurred.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly. End Error 103073 11/25/2015
This issue was identified by our services team. A BBIS Profile Update Form with Educational History fields causes a batch exception error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. When downloaded and committed in BBCRM the batch will validate without issue. 97401 12/2/2015
When entering a payments into batch a pledge commitment will not load automatically for the constituent, nor can it be selected if searched for manually. Payments can be added directly to the pledge. 97444 12/3/2015
Wealthpoint searches can be run against a list of prospects. This action appears on the upper right-hand part of a prospect list when Wealthpoint is enabled. Non-admin users are not able to see this feature. 97474 12/4/2015
A group of ad-hoc queries is defaulting back to having no system roles added for run or edit rights when a user refreshes a marketing effort. 97516 12/7/2015
Event registrant does not appear on the registrations tab of the event when no filters are applied. Applying a filter for the attended field allows the registrant to appear. 97600 12/11/2015
When adding a payment to a matching gift claim through an enhanced revenue batch which is split on multiple designations, recognition amounts are duplicated. 97636 12/14/2015
When changing the application on a gift that is applied to a commitment to a regular donation and it contains an appeal, this error shows in a Revenue update batch. This only occurs if the Appeal has business units associated with it. 97651 6/15/2015
When committing a recurring gift with split designations from BBIS the revenue type is incorrectly set to "Grant award" on the constituents recognition history. The transaction summary is also missing the ability to edit Designations. 97774 12/21/2015
The Revenue Dynamics smart query does not complete, it hangs with the Loading message indefinitely without rendering any results regardless of what criteria is selected. This occurs when previewing results and saving any changes. 98048 1/6/2016
When entering gifts into an Enhance Revenue Batch, after selecting the appeal the direct marketing effort is defaulted where there is only one associated direct marketing effort on the appeal. This cannot be changed, even if removing the Marketing Effort from the batch. 98137 1/10/2016
Error: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. – when running a consolidated receipt process. 98175 1/12/2016
A Payment is entered in an Enhanced Revenue Batch and an Appeal is added that autopopulates the Designation that is associated with it. The Designation is manually adjusted for the Payment and the batch is committed. When the Payment is adjusted in a Revenue Update Batch to adjust the Amount, the Designation reverts back to the original Designation that is associated with the Appeal and does not retain the Designation that was added for the payment prior to committing it. 98178 1/12/2016
When editing a constituent record from a row inside a batch you can add a relationship such as spouse and create a new individual record for that spouse. When creating the spouse this way a recognition credit will not appear on their record even if the default recognition settings are set up for spouse to get 100% match. 98192 1/12/2016
When updating the Credit Card details on a Recurring Gift and prompted whether to update all the Constituent's Recurring Gift Payment Methods, all gifts are updated even when "No" is selected. 98224 1/13/2016
A Constituent Revenue Application Amounts smartfield is used on Constituent records to report on revenue amounts for the constituent and their spouse. However, values are generated correctly for the constituent record that made the donations, but not for the spouse record. This client does not record revenue on household records. All affected donations were entered through Enhanced Revenue batch. The smartfield is expected to include the Constituent's overall donations plus the spouse's overall donations. However, the smartfield is reporting incorrect values, over $100,000 more than the accurate value. When the application selection is removed from the smartfield settings, the value is more accurate, but the spouse revenue is omitted. Soft Credits were attempted, but the value was still inflated. 1/19/2016
When working in batch and adding recognition credit types, choosing contact methods on a constituent interaction, choosing relationship types, or selecting alternative ID code tables values that are not associated with the site the current user is a member of are appearing. This behavior is not readily reproducible and is resolved by just closing the form and starting over. This happens periodically for users of multiple sites and no security changes are audited during the time of the events. 98460 4/26/2016
When attempting to add a code table entry, a user may receive Error: 'Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding'. 1/28/2016
When attempting to upgrade Contribution based memberships using the Membership contribution process, a user may notice that some memberships are not upgraded correctly. Memberships that should be upgrade into higher terms on the same level or higher terms on a different level, are not upgraded successfully. 98669 2/4/2016
Prospects can have interactions included on their Prospect Plan steps. These interactions can be found on the Interactions tab of Constituent records. After merging two constituents, you may notice that the Prospect Plan step interactions are not merged successfully to the Interactions tab of the target record. 98731 2/8/2016
When I run the VSE survey Report the report it produces does not have the number of donors or amount donated correct or consistent. 98751 2/9/2016
When running a Tribute Acknowledgement Process in CRM 4.0 SP5, this error is thrown: "An error occurred before executing the process 'Tribute Acknowledgement Process' : Invalid object name 'REVENUE_RACS'." 98808 2/10/2016
When posting to the General Ledger and selecting the Quickbooks output format, all transactions are going to the date on the TRNS line even though the actual transaction date may be different. For example, the file may look like this: TRNS 1/1 SPL 2/1 SPL 2/1 ENDTRNS In this scenario, all transactions are dated 1/1 when imported to Quickbooks although they are for 2/1. According to Intuit, the format should be the following: TRNS 2/1 SPL 2/1 SPL 2/1 ENDTRNS The file should repeat the above format for each additional date. 98903 2/16/2016
BBECRM: Null RequestContext Argument in CUB import process when called from a Customization 98876 2/12/2016
An Enhanced Revenue Batch made with an import file that works successfully in a SP2 environment will error in SP6, with the error "Arithmetic overflow error for data type tinyint, value = -1." This is occurring for Ohio. The import file (used for payroll) works correctly in SP2 Production. When this CSV file is imported into SP6 Staging, it imports successfully, but the batch errors out. 98962 2/18/2016
BBIS Profile Update form is displaying the GUID instead of the description for Education History Degree Type 98998 2/24/2016
Arithmetic Overflow Runtime error when attempting to sponsor a child 99053 2/23/2016
The uncommited batches section with Web Transactions is slow to load. 2/23/2016
When working in CRM, you may find the need to adjust the amount of a payment with a matching gift claim associated using a Revenue Update Batch.  Under certain circumstances, you may receive Error: "The DELETE statement conflicted with the SAME TABLE REFERENCE constraint "FK_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM_SOURCELINEITEMID". The conflict occurred in database "databasename", table "dbo.FINANCIALTRANSACTIONLINEITEM", column 'SOURCELINEITEMID' when doing so. 99092 2/24/2016
A solicit code that exists on a non-activated marketing effort is removed when that same solicit code is added to another non-activated marketing effort 99155 2/25/2016
HMRC online submission file always embedded with last R68 run's tax claim number 99090 2/24/2016
When creating a Direct Marketing Effort and/or Event Invitation email in CRM with HTML Source code used to create the Message content, that includes HTML Hyperlinks, the trackable links are not generated when sending the communication and/or click-throughs are not tracked. 99194 2/26/2016
When assigning recognition recipients to a unapplied gift payments inside of a enhanced review batch the recognition is applied upon selecting fields however when the batch is saved and closed and the reopened or committed the information is removed from only unapplied matching gift payments, any recognition for donations stays in the batch 99206 2/26/2016
After running the Post to GL process that accounts for Adjustments, a Revenue record that had the Gift Fees waived still shows with a Posted Status of "Posted(activity pending)" even though the waived gift fee adjustment shows in the Post to GL Post Report. 99250 3/1/2016
Recurring gifts which have been unpaid will fall into a lapsed status after they have been unpaid for an amount of time based on your rules for updating statuses. Recurring gifts with this Lapsed status do not appear when running a reminder process 99255 3/1/2016
When importing existing constituents into a constituent update batch with addresses of the same type and address the error occurs when it is expected that CRM would ignore these duplicate addresses. The error occurs when using a file mapping template or without one as well. 99271 3/1/2016
When adding a new address which includes a new phone number via an event registration made from BBIS, the existing phone number gets overwritten but the start date from the original phone number is maintained against the new number. 99292 3/2/2016
Within CRM it is possible to use smart fields to calculate values such as the first time a constituents gives a gift. When using a smart field that has Household member revenue recognition as its criteria, values are not applied to the individual records if the only recognition that exists is for the household record. 99309 3/2/2016
A Lockbox import process that is successful in SP5 receives multiple "Sequence contains no elements" exceptions after installing Service Pack 6. 99361 3/3/2016
Attribute of college / school produces run time error when added to the directory as an education history attribute. 99367 3/3/2016
Error: An error occurred before executing the process ‘Import Process’: An entry with the same key already exists - when importing into batch 99447 3/7/2016
When the client applies a rejection to a direct debit instalment of a recurring gift , the rejection is applied to the wrong instalment. 6/20/2016
Within CRM, it is possible to import transactions for constituents with multiple splits.  When the batch template being used has Application defaulted to Donation, if the batch is committed without looking at each transactions' recognition credits in the batch, the revenue will be created without any recognition credits 99522 3/9/2016
Steps to Duplicate: 1. In CRM Lookup a. Cassidy Eaton - 8769314 b. Kenneth Eaton (Spouse)-8706464 c. Edit the relationship d. See the recognition credits-Apply to Mr. Kenneth Eaton for revenue from Mrs. Cassidy Eaton e. Kenneth Eaton is the Spouse/Partner Mrs. Cassidy Eaton 2. Login to BBIS 3. Make a donation 4. Download and commit the transaction in CRM 5. Review Kenneth Eaton's constituent record and notice that his lookup ID is changed to 8-11115354 Video found here: \\cly-files\attachments\2016CS\12959227\BBIS_Donation_batch_updating_spouse_Lookup_ID_and_rec_credit_defaults.swf Screen shots here: 99546 3/10/2016
Error The file could not be downloaded. {"message":"This ad-hoc query includes one or more fields that have been removed from the underlying source query view. You can edit the query to see more information and make appropriate adjustments."}while exporting recurring gift activity to csv or XLSX. In sample data the file cannot be downloaded with no error but a missing download link. 99619 3/14/2016
When users donate via BBIS Donation pages and enter special characters in the name/address fields, the special characters are removed when downloaded. 99890 3/22/2016
When creating a Payment against a Pledge Installment within an Enhanced Revenue Batch where the Constituent has a Relationship with an Organization that matches gifts, the Recognition Applications created is Donation instead of Pledge when the Matching Gift Claim is automatically generated. Review this solution for functionality when entering one-off Pledge Payments for a Constituent with a Relationship to an Organization that matches gifts: 100016 3/25/2016
Within CRM, it is possible to generate payments based on overdue Pledge installments.  When generating these payments the oldest installment will be generated automatically into the batch.  If you attempt to adjust the amount to cover the rest of the overdue installments and Validate, you may receive Error:  The total amount must be equal to the sum of the amounts applied to commitments. 100087 3/29/2016
When viewing qualified opportunities for a specific Organizational team using Major Giving Management with an ask date in the future 100251 4/4/2016
User defined source codes are populating with incorrect values 100263 4/4/2016
When upgrading from Blackbaud CRM version 3.0 to version 4.0, the following error may occur:  Running revision ... RevisionID: 4230 for revision set 1460 Loading xml catalog item: 4230.CMS_SessionVariableBackup.Table.xml The "RunServiceRevisions" task failed unexpectedly. Blackbaud.AppFx.Platform.BuildTasks.RunServiceRevisionsHelpers.RevisionExecutionException: An error occurred while executing a service revision. Procedure Return Code: 0 Revision text: LoadSpec: 4230.CMS_SessionVariableBackup.Table.xml ---> Blackbaud.AppFx.Platform.BuildTasks.RunServiceRevisionsHelpers.LoadSpecException: Procedure Return Code: 0 ---> System.Exception: The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_CMS_SESSIONVARIABLEBACKUP_TYPECODE". The conflict occurred in database "<databasename>", table "dbo.CMS_SESSIONVARIABLEBACKUP", column 'TYPECODE'. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user defined routine or aggregate 'USP_LOADSPEC_AS_STRING':  System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_CMS_SESSIONVARIABLEBACKUP_TYPECODE". The conflict occurred in database "41565_EC_40", table "dbo.CMS_SESSIONVARIABLEBACKUP", column 'TYPECODE'. 100280 4/4/2016
When a new registrant attempts to sign up on the BBIS new user registration page they are allowed to enter javascript code in the username box. This code is executed by BBIS. 100307 4/5/2016
When editing the description of a code table value, this error shows intermittently. 100433 4/8/2016
A potential performance issue was discovered with the holdlock that is in the out of the box stored procedure USP_REVENUE_ADDORIGIN. It is placed on the CONSTITUENTORIGINATION table. 100486 4/11/2016
When using the French language setting on your internet browser the following error occurs on the segments tab of a marketing effort: The section could not be loaded. Unable to load data list. Conversion from string "0.0000" to type 'Decimal' is not valid. 100519 4/12/2016
When entering revenue via batch entry with payment method= stock and application= pledge the revenue applies to the pledge as expected. When you go and sell the stock via the revenue record no matter what you put the sale price as it will show as a gain, even if the sale of the stock would have been a loss. This is not the same behavior if the stock is added via a revenue payment add (not via batch) 100558 4/13/2016
Membership dues batches created when generating payments always have $0 as the tax deductible amount. 4/13/2016
ETL Refresh Error:A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing: Table: 'BBDW_DIM_INTERACTION', Column: 'INTERACTION 100576 4/13/2016
When using a constituent update batch to enter new constituents there is no duplicate check to a constituent record if the original constituent record was created by a constituent update batch. 100614 4/14/2016
When viewing the Interactions tab on some records, this record may appear for some but not all records. 100638 4/15/2016
Dollar sign $ added as prefix instead of euro € to amount merge fields in received CRM email 100747 4/20/2016
KPI’s tab of the information Library shows values in incorrect currency based on internet options language settings 100750 4/20/2016
I'm attempting to import a pledge payment where pledge belongs to a different constituent and the system removes the application when I open the batch. 100771 4/20/2016
When exporting Revenue with rollup based off an Export Definition, randomly the fields for CnswithHHInforolledupHHRev are duplicated for some, but not all records. In some instances, the Constituent record does not have any relationships, especially Household relationships. 100803 4/21/2016
When changing the application from a donation to a recurring gift in a batch, both applications still exist in the apply to commitments window. 100808 4/21/2016
When registering for a event online and choosing more than one attendee the constituents guest may be auto-matched to a constituent that you should not have access to if you are using a batch with site security and that constituent exists in another site. For example John Smith registers for a event with a Jane Smith (West site). Jane Smith does not exist in your records (West site) but does exist in another sites records (East site) in your database. When committing the batch it will register Jane Smith (East site) and John Smith (West site) for the event when that user should not have access to Jane's record. 100967 4/27/2016
Error: Field 'BATCHROWID' is an editable field but it is not defined as a parameter on the procedure. when running SP7 revisions 101047 4/28/2016
The reporting / analytics for a sent email is not displaying information correctly. After sending the email, the status displays "Complete" but shows that "0 %" of the emails were sent. Selecting the Messages sent tab also states that no messages were sent/received. When users view the Click- through / conversions tabs they are able to see that the email links were clicked by members of the recipient list. Viewing the same email job in the Email Activity Report shows that multiple email messages were sent and received successfully. 101104 5/2/2016
Source code not being brought over to the datawarehouse associated with a revenue record, there is a difference with what is available via a standard revenue query and a query based off the datawarehouse query view. 101230 5/12/2016
When running an ETL process, the process if running successfully even though errors on the report are showing that it is not. 101297 5/9/2016
When saving and validating a batch, the campaign goes away. When saving and validating a second time the campaign stays 101344 5/10/2016
We get an error when querying an attribute and using the count function for revenue in a constituent query based on the data warehouse 101415 5/12/2016
When importing records into a batch, if the Spouse lookup ID field is mapped to Spouse and information is imported in the field, the field then becomes grayed out in the batch and cannot be edited. The expected behavior is if you clear the spouse last name out of the spouse last name field then the spouse lookup ID should be editable. 101427 5/10/2016
While running revisions for 4.0 SP8, the error "An error occurred while executing a service revision. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding." occurs. 101647 5/23/2016
Pledge installments projection report showing incorrect fiscal years' in columns. Seems to be moving fiscal years incorrectly back one year based on how fiscal years are setup in admin. May be using calendar years as opposed to fiscal years. 101655 5/23/2016
When attempting to edit payments with Matching Gift Claims the following error is received: "Duplicate campaigns and subpriorities cannot be specified for the same revenue record" 101656 5/23/2016
A user can see revenue transactions that are restricted by site security when using the Link deposits function in the Treasury functional area. 101724 5/24/2016
Validation Information for Last attempt and Validation message missing when Validate addresses (All Rows) receives warnings/exception in Constituent Address Update Batch. 101796 5/26/2016
The user may see the error below when they run Segmentation Summary Report for a Marketing Effort: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Cannot read the next data row for the dataset SegmentsWithSelections. (rsErrorReadingNextDataRow) Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric. 101836 5/30/2016
Various searches erroring out or taking a much longer time than anticipated, this seems to be happening mostly with information that is pulled via a datalist. 102011 6/6/2016
When running an Event Revenue report the report times out or returns the following error: Error: Report processing has been canceled by the user. (rsProcessingAborted) 102037 6/7/2016
data specific issue error when merging two records Data could not be saved. The UPDATE statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_PROSPECT_VALIDMANAGERDATERANGE". The conflict occurred in database "51342_EC_40", table "dbo.PROSPECT". 6/8/2016
When editing a gift fee on a purpose record, this error may appear. 102053 10/6/2014
Output types defined aggregation fields are not stored when editting a user-defined data list. 102530 6/8/2016
When viewing the credit card results reports, users may see a $0 transaction even though the credit card was charged for an amount. 102063 6/8/2016
Users can import list segments with data that will cause an error when exported. The error during the export is An error occurred before executing the process 'Marketing Effort Export Process' : Error running marketing effort export. String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated. This error is not seen when the list is imported so a user would be unaware of the problems this would cause until they try and export their marketing effort. The program should not allow fields that are too long to be added to the list in the first place. Idealy users should be told what field is causing the problem but at the very least the error should be reported at the import stage. 7/5/2016
After applying SP8, SSIS scheduled jobs are failing with an error: Error Code: 0  Error Source= Business process invoke step failed  Error Description: &lt;html&gt;&lt;head&gt;&lt;title&gt;Object moved&lt;/title&gt;&lt;/head&gt;&lt;body&gt;  &lt;h2&gt;Object moved to &lt;a href="http://website/bbAppFx/BusinessProcessInvoke.ashx?DatabaseName=BBInfinity&amp;BusinessProcessID=XXXXX&amp;ParameterSetID=XXXXX&amp;Culture=en-US&amp;UICulture=en-US"&gt;here&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;/h2&gt;  &lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;      Error on Line 32.  The step failed This only occurs under certain conditions: --on CRM SP8 --have mixed-case virtual directories in IIS  --use a load balancer that handles SSL offloading 102942 7/12/2016
$0 Recognition Credit added for relationships when import is set to not apply recognition credit to Individual for Constituent/Constituent for Individual. Recognition credits do not default correctly when new constituents are imported into an Enhanced Revenue Batch and this results in $0 Recognition Credits for spousal relationships on Committed Revenue. The columns in the import file containing the information needed to create a new constituent record and spouse as they are mapped to the CRM fields included in the New/Edit Constituent collection field. There are no defaults set up to default recognition for any relationships. There is nothing in the import or import file to import any recognition credit for spouses and $0 Recognition Credit is getting created regardless. The recognition credit defaults are not getting added to the spousal relationships which is what we would expect to see. We would not expect to see any recognition credits on the revenue itself either. 103365 7/27/2016
When accessing, BBIS Usernames, Roles, and all edits/changes within BBIS are visible per Role/Username. 103561 8/3/2016
The following error can occur when attempting to load the sponsorship search part on a BBIS page:  The given key was not present in the dictionary. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. 104098 8/16/2016
When gifts are imported into CRM from a BBIS membership part and a Membership Dues batch is used, if the constituent is auto-matched in the batch (green arrow) and committed the recognition credit will not apply to where it should (spouse for example) 104103 8/18/2016
When using the Credit Card Updater process, clients have noticed that some of their constituents active expiration dates have changed from a valid date to 2000. When viewing the CC Updater query, these individuals show a status of "Not Updated", however, when you navigate to the constituents recurring gift you can see that the expiration date was changed to 2000. 104402 8/29/2016
When more than one paid event is removed from a shopping cart in a event registration part the constituent is still registered for events that they have removed. For example if you have four events (Soccer, Basketball, Bowling, and Free) all of which has a $ amount associated with, except the event called free. If you get to the cart stage in BBIS and remove all of the events but free, when this information is pulled over to CRM via batch and you check the review transaction details you will see that the constituent was registered for more than just the free event. 104582 9/1/2016
When navigating to the email message report you may find that bounced information is not being recorded for a specific message send. 104669 9/7/2016
Input string was not in a correct format error when entering source code in RUB using Spanish language browser setting. 104855 9/13/2016
Since upgrading to Service Pack 8, users may experience the error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when editing a posted payment. It seems the cause is batch allowing invalid finder numbers. Then when it is in the system and edited, it looks up the finder number information and cannot find it so it is failing. In previous versions batch prevented the invalid finder numbers. 104982 9/16/2016
Adjusting a pledge will remove the campaign from the pledge. This will occur when the camapign was a deafult on the designation used for the pledge, and the campaign has been removed as a default from the designation record. 105039 9/19/2016
Recurring gift payments with split designations paid from an ERB will have an incorrect number of recognition credit splits. 105154 9/22/2016
Client's with BBCRM environments hosted by Blackbaud are not displayed the correct error message when password requirements are not met when a user changes their password in CRM. 105193 9/23/2016
Editing multiple copied segments from a planned marketing effort causes the segment source codes to revert to the plans default source code. Help for this Page 105303 9/28/2016
When validating addresses in Constituent update Batch users receive error: Data could not be saved. Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'VALIDATIONMESSAGE', table 'SMP_EC_40_14.dbo.BATCHCONSTITUENTUPDATEADDRESSES'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails. 105420 9/30/2016
When running an ETL refresh, the package 'BBDW_RPT_GIVINGLISTDETAIL' may take a long time to complete. 105646 10/11/2016
Clients that have updated, specifically, from v4.0 SP9 to SP10, will find they receive an error upon a BBDW redeploy attempt. Error: An error occurred while executing a service revision. Object is invalid. Extended properties are not permitted on ‘BBDW.v_FACT_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT.RECURRINGIFTINSTALLMENTBALANCE’, or the object does not exist. Revision text: exec BBDW.[USP_SCHEMA_VIEW_SETCOLUMNCOMMENT] ‘MS_Description’, ‘v_FACT_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT.RECURRINGIFTINSTALLMENTBALANCE’,’BBDW.[FACT_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENT].[ RECURRINGIFTINSTALLMENTBALANCE]’; 105738 10/13/2016
A customer that is registered for the BlackBuad Merchant Services Credit Card Updater is reporting that the process fails and not Credit Card information is updated. 105789 11/9/2016
When you have a multicurrency payment record with solicitor recognition on it and then update the exchange rate on that payment, the solicitor amount does not update with the other base amounts. 105801 10/18/2016
Performance issues when editing payment method to or from Stock for payments. 105880 10/20/2016
This issue occurs in the deploy log when updating to SP10, hotfix 37 and deploying the Data Warehouse: 10/20/2016 2:30:50 PM Information: WARNING: error loading catalog item BBDW.ReportDB.Catalog.BBDW_Fundraising.Package.xml: Server was unable to process request. ---> Unable to load catalog item. Record security is not supported for the Financial Transaction Line Item record type. Please change the record type or set EnforceRecordAccessSecurity to false ---> Record security is not supported for the Financial Transaction Line Item record type. Please change the record type or set EnforceRecordAccessSecurity to false You may also see that BBDW.ReportDB.Catalog.BBDW_Fundraising.Package.xml does not fully load 105947 10/24/2016
When committing a BBIS Event Registration batch users receive error: The field specified, “VENDORID,” is not a recognized event registration field. This occurs when the donors made an additional donation in BBIS with their event registration payment. 103978 10/12/2016
Performance issues when importing revenue with a revenue stream application lookupID 106238 11/2/2016
When clients view job details for a particular email Job they receive error: The detail form could not be loaded. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: value.  This issue occur for non-US clients only. 106347 11/7/2016
When loading the segmentation segments view form on a marketing effort that has 800+ segments it takes over 5.5-6 minutes to load the view form. 106578 11/10/2016
When querying on specific email IDs the results are less than expected when compared to the messages report in BBIS. 98494 11/7/2016
When querying on specific email IDs the results are less than expected when compared to the messages report in BBIS. 98494 11/2/2016
When adding a KPI Ticker part to a web dashboard, users must select the KPI instance they wish to use from the list. However, only the first 100 KPI instances are available to be selected, and there is no way to filter this list. Users are not able to select subsequent KPIs to include in their KPI Ticker. 106689 11/15/2016
UK Gift Aid - R68 report returns blank row at top of R68 audit report - likely data specific. 106726 11/21/2016
BBIS (constituent) profile signup phone numbers are not formatted in downloaded batch according to country. 106834 11/20/2016
None 7/12/2016
When users attempt to refund a payment authroized by IPPayments via edit payment, they receive Error: Data could not be saved. Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime. 107031 11/28/2016
Bounced emails are showing as received in BBIS. 107079 11/30/2016
After the release of version 4.0 Service Pack 10 Patch 39, users are now re-prompted to log into BBIS after clicking the Site Administration link from the Web functional area in BBCRM. 107134 1/9/2017
CK_RECURRINGGIFTINSTALLMENTPAYMENT_BALANCE_VALID occurs when loading a large number of recurring gifts with concurrent users doing similar processing 107304 10/13/2016
User may receive the following error message when they open letter through letter search function. Data form could not be loaded. Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar 107429 12/14/2016
After upgrading to SP10, users receive this error when taking various actions throughout the admin UI such as: --clicking on logout link --creating a new part --saving a form. --editing an existing part This often occurs if a user is logged out and needs to log back in. 107840 10/24/2016
On the Data Warehouse under Administration the list builder is not getting completed after the SP 11 install. 107899 1/10/2017
BBDM data specific to the Donkey Sanctuary UK - Error calculating the segment record counts. Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#TEMP_SE__3214EC270A1F9DAA'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#TEMP_SEGMENTATIONSEGMENT'. The duplicate key value is (513461). 107930 2/15/2017
WRevenue Campaign merge fields are incorrect in email message based on a constituent export definition 108111 1/19/2017
Error: The value for 'Quantity' cannot be greater than 99 108134 1/19/2017
When using the Pledge Donation revenue reporting filter, the household revenue by year section of the Revenue Summary on a constituent page shows an inflated Total revenue when pledges are involved. 108393 1/31/2017
When users select the 'View HTML Code' on an email template with conditional content, the box that displays the code shows as blank with no pertaining code included. 108529 2/13/2017
Revenue Update Batches are deleting acknowledgment letter Process dates on gift records when an Appeal is added to the gift. 108564 2/7/2017
In CRM, if you add a new email address under the Contact tab of a constituent and make it primary - the ClientUsers table in the database is not updated. Due to this, the reset password process in BBIS does not correctly function as it requires the old email address to be entered (so you get the error to insert a valid email address). However, in BBIS if you go to Users & Security -> Users and search for the user in question with the new primary email -> click on the pencil icon, the ClientUsers table is updated with the new email address thus the password reset process works correctly. 108578 2/8/2017
BBIS: Using Events 2.0 with a space in the post code does not match existing constituents 2/13/2017
When a revenue record has been re-receipted in CRM, one may notice that the Transaction Manager part in BBIS duplicates the revenue on the History tab. Steps to Duplicate 1. In BBIS, navigate to the page that contains the Transaction Manager part. Click the View this page/template button. 2. On the page, click the History tab. Take note of the Revenue that shows. 5. Navigate to CRM. Navigate to a receipted revenue record associated with the CRM account that is linked to BBIS. Click Mark payment for re-receipt. Select a reason and click Save. 6. Navigate to Marketing and Communications > Receipts > Receipts tab. Find the receipt process associated with the receipt on the revenue record and click Start process. Make sure the Mark revenue ‘Receipted’ when process completes checkbox is checked and click Start. 7. Once the process has finished, navigate back to the revenue record to confirm it shows a receipt status of Receipted again. 8. Navigate back to BBIS and the page that contains the Transaction Manager part and see that the gift has been duplicated on the History tab. 108739 2/14/2017
When attempting to merge two constituents a user may receive the error: Data could not be saved. The UPDATE statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_Prospect_ValidManagerStartDate". The conflict occurred in database [Database Name], table "dbo.PROSPECT" 102018 2/27/2017
View by disbursement list is blank inside of reconcile transactions and disbursements tab 108979 2/28/2017
No known issue 12/26/2016
None. 3/7/2017
When a sponsor has selected a child or project to sponsor and are running through the process to chose when the payments will happen. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually. 'the sponsor in the amount of' is automatically selected the $45 for Monthly. If you chose one other than monthly it produces Error: Amount less than minimum. 107003 3/6/2017
WI #727306 When accessing/editing the "Responsive-My Sponsorship 3", "Sponsorship Status Copy", and "My Sponsorship Status Twitter Feed" parts the server error displays and the part never loads. 109111 3/7/2017
Unable to make the “Update household” checkbox not be auto-selected in a CUB which causes Batch errors for Spouses who share the same Home email address. This occurs for all types of contact information including updates to household address, email and phone information 109126 3/7/2017
When a Pledge is created in Australian Dollars (AUD) and an installment in that pledge is written off in AUD, the write off happens in USD and it leaves a balance on the installment. 109337 3/17/2017
When attempting to add existing revenue to an opportunity, non-Admin users receive an Error: The multi-part identifier "REVENUE.ID" could not be bound. This error only occurs if the application user or the system role contains a site assignment. 109359 3/20/2017
Security concerns about the ability to add HTML to the notes section of a constituent documentation and comment section of the constituent interaction screen. 109425 3/22/2017
When viewing the page properties of a page that would include BBSP preview, the properties are replaced with the BBSP preview. The preview loads in the full properties window instead of on the BBSP Preview tab. 1. In SP11, navigate to a page that contains a BBSP part (ADF, Payment part, Event reg) 2. Click 'Page properties' ​3. Notice the properties appear. After a brief moment, the window loads a BBSP preview 109564 2/16/2017
Users may find that Recognition Programs with an expiration date of "End of Fiscal Year" do not respect the grace period applied in the "Set expiration to end of following year when starting after cutoff day" option. 109454 3/23/2017
You may have a queue of adhoc queries and Smart queries. Some of these are timing out when attempting to process in a queue after installing SP11. 110182 3/27/2017
None. 109624 3/31/2017
The Sponsorship Status Part is used to display current sponsorship and payment information as well as allowing for adjustments to payment information. The Payment Information tab is no longer displaying any active or historical payment information. 102784 3/27/2017
Users may notice when processing split matching gift claims that the General Ledger distributions are not correct. For example, if the matching claim of $200 is split two ways, the GL distributions may show $100 applied to claim A and $200 applied to claim B. 109663 4/4/2017
Users may notice thumbnail images used in their BBIS Designation Search Part Thumbnail Images in BBIS Designation Search Part and Sponsorship Search part broken when being viewed. 109713 4/7/2017
When sponsorship donors with stored cards get new credit cards, the BBMS Credit card updater should send the new info to CRM. But if some donors are already in an open batch when the updates happen, they get the batch error “The credit card does not match the card stored with the Blackbaud Payment Service. Enter the credit card information again.”. 109942 4/19/2017
When using the Mini donation form in BBIS , after set up when you press the Donate Now button nothing will happen. 110065 4/25/2017
The "Constituent Revenue Application Amount Smart Field" calculates either 0 or an incorrect amount (usually 0) for the Total Application Amount for Household Member Revenue if a constituent has a dissolved household on their record. In comparison, this smart field considers individuals that do not have a household on their record as Individual Revenue = Household Revenue and the field populates as expected. 110145 4/27/2017
When committing a BBIS Event Registration Transaction Batch, you might get the exception, "Conversion from string to "188-Web-05-01-17" to type 'Integer' is not valid". Hypothesis is that this is related to the batch numbering scheme the client uses: 188-Web-05-01-17 for the BBIS Event Batch. 110224 5/1/2017
After manually changing the recognition credit type from the default recognition credit type in an enhanced revenue batch, the recognition credit type will change back to default if the transaction is sent to an exception batch. 110228 5/1/2017
After setting up a Newsletter template with Image Placeholders to use to create messages. When inserting a new image into an image placeholder it will not insert into the placeholder, rather it will insert below the newsletter template. This only occurs in Chrome version 58. 110236 5/1/2017
None. 110515 5/11/2017
Users that belong to site security group can search for and open batches that belong to a site they should not have access to. These same batches cannot be found in the uncommitted batches dataform. 110544 5/17/2017
In the latest version of Chrome (58), when double clicking on an image in an editor (FTI part, Email editor, etc) the fields to edit the image will appear blank, lacking the image information. You may also try to update a hyperlink, but are unable to replace it with a new link. 110250 5/16/2017
Users may notice that benefits are missing from event registrant guests after changing their name on the registration. 110787 5/18/2017
This is in KB 110872 110872 5/23/2017
Error: Unable to load data list. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated. when accessing Fundraising summary tab 108862 5/25/2017
Users may find that the Credit Card Updater Business Process fails consistently with a status message of "One or more errors occurred". 110988 5/25/2017
Biographical information check box doesn't remain unchecked on transaction details of a BBIS event registration batch. 111086 6/1/2017
When viewing the Global pledge write-off page the data list that contains all of the processes does not have site security. Users are not able to assign a specific site to a Global pledge write-off process so it only shows for that site in the data list. 111119 6/2/2017
When viewing the Generate payments page the data list that contains all of the processes does not have site security. Users are not able to assign a specific site to a Generate payments process so it only shows for that site in the data list. 111120 6/2/2017
None. 111363 6/13/2017
None. 111369 6/13/2017
Recognition Summary for household summary is showing incorrect amount even if the filter is applied 95852 9/22/2015
Any previous email that contains ERID as integer, will be considered as anonymous user. But the new emails with GUID ERID will work as before. 57191 6/15/2017
None. 111427 6/16/2017
Users may encounter a timeout error when attempting to access the Wealth and Ratings page from a constituent record. 111550 6/22/2017
When editing a designation for a Canadian Dollar pledge that has US Dollar payments on it, one may notice the Paid and Balance values change when the edited designation is saved. 111788 7/6/2017
The BBIS confirmation page is not correctly displayed after donating using an Advanced Donation Form. 111796 7/7/2017
When using the Capture card info task in an Enhanced Revenue Batch in conjunction with BlueFin, you might encounter the error, "Error: Unable to read card information. Please swipe the card again." 112490 8/3/2017
Pledge Gift Aid qualification status ‘not qualified’ is not reflected on pledge payments after pledge designation has been changed 112499 8/4/2017
We found that in the latest stable Chrome release (60.0.3112.90), constituent address tile can vanish when scrolling through. 112493 8/4/2017
We've discovered that the Constituent Update Batch is end dating email addresses on matches after manual review. 112506 8/4/2017
When a membership registration from BBIS is downloaded into a membership dues batch and the constituent is auto-matched in the batch (green arrow), the recognition credit type is blank for spouses on the revenue record. 112768 8/15/2017
None. 109515 3/15/2017
When importing information using an out of box enhanced revenue batch template if an exception batch is created it is duplicating the recognition credits. 112833 8/23/2017
When a multiple registration is brought into CRM via an OOB Event Registration Batch and is committed the Constituent record shows each line of the registration separately as opposed to cumulatively. 112913 8/23/2017
When sending a BBIS email message using an imported list data source, the view as a web page special link returns an error when loading the page: "woops, missing trid." 112937 8/24/2017
Smart Field Values sent in incorrect currency from Direct Marketing Effort Email (Euros instead of dollars). The email was sent as a Tax receipt to donors. 112982 8/25/2017
Payment generated with incorrect amount via Generate Payments process 113195 9/6/2017
This bug will not fix the already corrupted data introduced after the batch commit. 113339 9/14/2017
Smart Field Value with ETL to Data Warehouse Is Getting Clipped in New 4.0 Environment *Boston University's planned Go-Live for upgrading to CRM 4.0 is scheduled for September 30th and they have said that this will be a roadblock. Data Warehouse for client's new 4.0 environment is chopping off characters beyond 99 for custom smartfields they have created. The ETL is not putting the full value into the table. Since the value gets in the warehouse via ETL process, this appears to be where the issue is and not an issue with the actual smart field as the 3.0 value is correct. 113437 9/19/2017
None. 113461 9/20/2017
When several processes are enqueued, some will complete, and some may not complete. Processes with Job Schedules should not be enqueued. 113903 10/11/2017
Links in image maps built with the 'area' tag in email/email templates are not registering clicks in the Click Report. 113937 10/13/2017
A duplicate gift aid refund is produced when a payment with gift aid already claimed is adjusted to change the designation to disqualified one and then the payment is deleted prior to the refund run. 114282 11/3/2017
883534 114308 11/6/2017
None. 114338 11/7/2017
When adding a new card to an existing gift on the Transaction Manager in a non-production environment, the skin for the Secure Payment Pgae is the default. 114520 11/10/2017
Unable to load data list. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 114727 11/21/2017
When running the Generate payments process for pledges where the setting 'Payments due on or before’ is set to ‘date this process runs’ some payments are generated a day early. 114813 11/29/2017
After updating to SP14, the LO Sync process begins receiving this error when ran: After SP14 upgrade, LO Sync records getting error: 'USP_DATAFORM_EDITLOAD_CONSTITUENTSOLICITCODE' expects parameter '@ID', which was not supplied. 114977 12/6/2017
When going to the OLAP Explorer in 4.0 SP14, one of the following the errors is thrown, depending on the browser. error:The webpage cannot be found OR error: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable 114988 12/7/2017
When attempting to upgrade to SP14 and/or Hotfix 56, the user receives the error and the installation fails. 115318 12/19/2017
None 115602 1/4/2018
None. 115988 1/24/2018
None 116048 1/26/2018
When updating revenue in bulk using a default value specified in a field on the Revenue Update Batch template, the validate task in batch only populates the default value for the records on the active/selected page. 116089 1/29/2018
When filtering with Date.Fiscal Date using two different quarters the data does not show for the OLAP excel report. 116122 1/30/2018
BBCRM Unable to submit gift aid claim following change outlined in KB 114879 error = ‘An error occurred before executing the process ‘R68 Online Submission Business Process’: The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented.’ 116201 2/2/2018
After applying SP15, the website will hang and/or timeout if your Home Page (configured in Admin > Sites & Settings) contains one of the consent enabled parts. 116527 2/13/2018
When attempting to edit the amount given to one designation in a split recurring gift on the Transaction Manager part, the edited amount is split over all designations. 116877 3/7/2018
When upgrading CRM via the V4 SP14 installer, one may encounter the following error: RevisionID: 14970 for revision set 1370 failed unexpectedly. 116895 3/8/2018
None. 117007 3/13/2018
When creating a smart query - Error: The field "Base currency ID" appears more than once in the list of smart query output fields. Field names must be unique. 000117054 3/15/2018
When using the Event Registration Form (Classic) additional donations are not being correctly reflected on the Payment Page. The correct amount is displayed on the confirmation page and when downloaded to Batch. The actual amount charged does not include the additional donation. 117165 3/21/2018
When a non-Admin user attempts to use the Customize dashboard functionality, they may notice their saved customized options do not populate on the dashboard. 117246 3/26/2018
New to file sponsor cannot be added by finder number. 117257 3/23/2018
When trying to set up a Finder Process, the following error is received: "...Finder batch template does not exist." 98621 3/28/2018
Even with auto-save enabled on the batch template, batches of downloaded from BBIS do not auto-save, regardless of the transaction type. 117579 4/10/2018
When editing a revenue transaction's payment method from Stock to another option, you might encounter the error, "Data could not be saved. The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_STOCKSALE_EXT_STOCKDETAILID". The conflict occurred in database "[Name]", table "dbo.STOCKSALE_EXT", column 'STOCKDETAILID'". 117740 4/16/2018
Server Error in '/' Application. Server was unable to process request. ---> Unable to load data list. Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'PEPP000014324' to data type int. ---> Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'PEPP000014324' to data type int. when opening the transaction manager as a constituent with existing revenue following the application of SP15 118397 4/24/2018
None. 118013 4/27/2018
When running a Pledge Reminders process, the process runs for multiple hours despite the query performing normally and only containing a few dozen results. 118075 5/1/2018
When logged in to BBIS with an account that is linked to a CRM constituent with revenue history, pages that have the transaction manager part take roughly one minute to load. This happens even on blank pages that only have that 1 part and no styling. 118409 5/17/2018
None. 118476 5/21/2018
When running SQL Server 2016 compatibility level 130 or higher, users have noticed that running a "Transaction Search" takes around 20 seconds to find a single transaction when doing a search using the "Revenue ID" in the search form. Doing the same search using compatibility level 110 (SQL 2012 DB level) returns a result almost instantly. 118652 5/29/2018
When logged into BBIS and registering for a free sub-level event in a multi-level event, users who change their personal information on the checkout page do not have the changes downloaded to CRM. 118664 5/29/2018
Some Web Service methods can be used without authentication. The web method LogErrorToDB allows an authenticated user to write error messages directly to the error table. This could be used maliciously to cause a denial of service attack. 118887 6/7/2018
When running the Constituent Profile Report for a constituent with revenue history, the report either runs/loads endlessly or takes 15+ minutes to complete if the Recognition summary option is checked. 119265 6/22/2018
An error occurred while executing a service revisions. ALTER TABLE statement failed because the definition of a column cannot be changed if the column is part of a columnstore index. Consider dropping the columnstore index, altering the column, then creating a new columnstore index. Revision text: alter table [BBDW].[FACT_SOLICITCODECHANNELOPTOUT] alter column [SOLICITCODECHANNELOPTOUTCONSENT] [nvarchar](16) null; when deploying the data warehouse against an existing data warehouse from SP16 on SQL Server 2012 119420 6/29/2018
When adding a matching gift claim to a split gift, where one application is a payment on a Do not post pledge that has the same revenue category as the payment, the error "Data could not be saved. Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_REVENUECATEGORY'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.REVENUECATEGORY'. The duplicate key value is (GUID)" is thrown. 119479 7/3/2018
Recognition credit from spouse revenue does not display in Transaction Manager 119494 7/3/2018
Event registration payments ignore benefit distributions from event resulting in receipt amounts and charitable applications being incorrect 119761 7/18/2018
When a sponsorship has expired in a payment 2.0 cart, clicking the Remove link will throw a server error. The error message is: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." 119977 7/27/2018
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