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Map Segment Values

Each segment you define in the system appears on the Segment Mappings page. A segment value is the value used in the account structure for a particular segment. By mapping segment values, you specify how the segment value is used when generating GL distributions on transactions.

When you select a segment on the Segment Mappings page and click Map, a grid displays all the segment values for that particular record type. For example, if you select the Designation segment, each designation you have defined in the system appears in the grid. You can then specify which designation values to use with your accounts.

Note: When a field does not appear on the transaction you are mapping, “<Not Used>” becomes the default segment value. For example, if you add a miscellaneous payment and base your GL mapping on account code, and one of your segments is designation, the “<Not Used>” value would be the default because designation does not appear on a miscellaneous payment record.

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