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Deposit Page

The Deposit page displays all the information associated with the deposit, such as amount and projected amount, total corrections, deposit date, number of payments and projected number of payments, and status. From the Deposit page, you can view, edit, and delete a deposit, edit the deposit number, edit allowed payment methods, lock/unlock the deposit, add a deposit correction, as well as add and link and unlink payments. You can also access the Deposit report to view deposit details. For more information, see Deposit Report.

Note: If differences exist between projected totals and actual totals, a warning icon appears next to the difference in the summary section of the deposit.

The Deposit page also displays all linked payments, payment defaults, and any documentation associated with the deposit. On the Payments tab, you can add, open, link, and unlink payments. You can also click Go to payment to go to a specific payment associated with the deposit. For more information about the Payments tab, see Payments Tab.

On the Refunds tab, you can view all refunds linked to the deposit. From this tab, you can go to the refund page to view additional information about the refund such as the items refunded and the refund methods. For more information about the Refunds tab, see Refunds Tab.

On the Deposit Corrections tab, you can add a correction to an existing deposit. For example, the expected amount of ticket sales may not equal the amount of cash in your drawer at the end of the day. You can add a correction so that the deposit amount reflects the actual amount of cash taken in. You can select a deposit correction and click Go to deposit correction on the action bar. The Deposit correction page appears where you can view additional details and edit or delete the correction. For more information about the Deposit Corrections tab, see Deposit Corrections Tab.

On the Payment Defaults tab, you can enter defaults for payments. Defaults are used only when a deposit is selected on a new payment record before you enter information, or if a payment is added from the Deposit page. For more information about the Payment Defaults tab, see Payment Defaults Tab.

On the Documentation tab, you can add notes to track helpful or interesting pieces of additional information about the deposit.

For more information about adding documentation to a deposit, see Documentation.

On the GL Distributions tab for a deposit, you can view details for GL distributions. You establish GL distributions from the GL Account Setup page in Administration. For more information about viewing GL distributions, see GL Distributions Tab for a Deposit.

To access the Deposit page, select a deposit on the Register tab of an open bank account and click Go to transaction, or double-click the deposit. You can also search for deposits from the main Treasury page.

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