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Tribute Information

A constituent tribute is a form of constituent recognition. With tributes, you can indicate to recognize a donation to your organization in relation, or tribute, to someone else. Examples of tributes include In memory of, In honor of, In recognition of, or On behalf of. You can associate each revenue record with one or multiple tributes.

On the Tributes page, you can view the tributes in your database. To access this page, select Constituents, Tributes from the navigation bar. Under Tributes, you can view and manage constituent tributes. For each tribute in the grid, you can view its text, tributee, creation date, active status, and default designation.

To help find a specific tribute, you can filter the tributes that appear. On the action bar, select the criteria of the relationship to view and click Apply. You can select to view only tributes of a specific type or those created within a specific time frame. You can also select whether to display inactive tributes in the grid. To remove the filter criteria and view all active tributes in the grid, click Reset on the action bar.

From the grid, you can add and manage tributes and select to view additional information about a tribute or the constituent recognized by a tribute. From the Tributes page, you can also perform tasks to search for or manage tributes in your database.

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