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Add Group Reservations

You add a group reservation to book a group visit or facility rental. When you add a reservation, you enter the date and time the visit or rental will occur. You also link a patron record to the reservation by either selecting an existing patron record or adding a new one. For group visits, the patron is typically an organization. You also enter a name for the reservation, select an existing contact or add a new contact, and enter any notes regarding the visit or rental. Typically, group reservations are booked by a group sales coordinator.

When you add a reservation, you select whether to use per-ticket or flat rate pricing to calculate the cost of the tickets included in the order. With per ticket pricing, the cost is calculated based on the number of tickets included in the order. The specific cost of each ticket is determined by the price lists associated with the programs. With flat rate pricing, the amount charged for the order is determined by a rate scale. If you select “Flat rate” you also select the rate scale to use. For more information about rate scales, see Configure Flat Rate Pricing.

Note: The pricing structure you select on a reservation applies only to tickets included in the order. It does not apply to facility rentals. Instead, pricing for a facility rental is based on the price of the location being rented. The location and price are set on a custom item added to the reservation itinerary.

During the reservation process for both group visits and facility rentals, you can determine the amount and due date for the reservation deposit and security deposit, as well as the due dates for receiving the contract, final count, and order balance. If your organization configured reservation defaults, the reservation and security deposit, contract, final count, and order balance due dates are automatically calculated based on the default settings. For more information about configuring default settings for reservations, see, Configure Reservation Defaults.

After the reservation is saved, the reservation record is displayed. From the reservation record, the salesperson can further define the group visit or facility rental by configuring arrival information, adding or editing the group itinerary, and processing payments.

Note: When you add a group reservation, you have the option of entering the price types and quantities for the tickets included in the order. If you enter the ticket quantity and price types on the reservation and save, an itinerary is automatically created and displayed on the Itineraries tab of the reservation record. You can then view the itinerary and schedule events and activities for the group to attend during their visit. For more information, see Schedule Group Itineraries.

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