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Configure Group Itineraries

You configure group itineraries on the Itineraries tab of a reservation record. When you add a group itinerary to a reservation, you enter a name to identify the itinerary and specify a group leader. You also enter the number of visitors attending and select the ticket price types for each.

Once an itinerary is added, you can schedule the daily programs and events the group will attend during their visit. You can add custom items to the itinerary to schedule things that are not daily programs or scheduled program events. For example, you can use custom items to schedule facility rentals, meals, gift shop visits, and informal tours. If a group requires additional resources, supplies/equipment, or staffing for the itinerary you can schedule resources. For example, you assign two wheelchairs to the itinerary for a group to use for the duration of the visit.

For each reservation, you can add multiple groups with different itineraries. For example, an elementary school may have a single reservation with three group itineraries, one for each class that is visiting. In order to accommodate all three groups, the events on each itinerary may be entirely different or simply be scheduled at staggered times. If an additional class decides to attend, you can add a new group itinerary on the same reservation record.

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