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Event Attendance Report

The Event Attendance Report displays the attendance details of your patrons. The details include information such as the number of attendees, the number of tickets scanned, and the number of tickets sold during a selected time period. This report is useful if you want to know how many attendees came to each event based on event date and time.

Note: Daily admission sold and scanned counts are based on the selected date range selected. However, scanned counts for all other events, except special events, are over the life time of the event.

You can filter the report by event type such as special events or scheduled events, and group by event, price type, or date. To view this report, from Sales, click Event attendance under Reports. The Event Attendance page appears. After you select your filters, click View report.

Note: Dashes (---) indicate the number associated is not applicable. For example, the number of tickets scanned is not applicable to special events.

Note: The Number attending column displays the number of attendees for each event. However, for preregistered program events, the column displays the number attended and number registered respectively.

To view the attendees for a scheduled event, click the time of the event and for special events, click the date for the event. The Scheduled Event Ticket Detail report appears. For information about this report, see Scheduled Event Ticket Detail Report. If you click a time for a preregistered event the Preregistered Program Roster report appears. For information about this report, see Preregistered Program Roster.