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View the Group Reservation Calendar

The group reservation calendar is your starting point for processing group ticket sales and facility rentals. It is the central location for building and managing group visits, including reservations and itineraries. To access the calendar, from Sales, click Group Sales.

From the calendar, you can quickly open an existing reservation to schedule itineraries, change the order status, adjust arrival details, or add notes about the visit. To open a reservation record you simply double-click a reservation on the calendar. You can also right-click on a reservation and select Go to reservation.

Additionally, you can add a new reservation from the calendar when you click Add. To add a reservation for a specific day, double-click a day on the calendar or right-click a day and select Add. For more information, see Add Group Reservations. You can also delete reservations directly from the calendar if no payment has been received. To do so, right-click on a reservation and select Delete. If payment has been received, you cannot delete a reservation but you can cancel it. To do, right-click on the reservation and select Cancel.

By default, the group reservation calendar displays all in-progress, completed, and canceled group reservations. However, you can filter the calendar to display only past due or canceled reservations, as well as reservations with a specific status. You can also view the number of available tickets based on capacity constraints.

The colors used to display specific items on the calendar are configurable. To change the colors defined for each item that appears on the calendar, click Customize style.

Tip: To change the visit date of a reservation displayed on the calendar, you can drag and drop the reservation to a different day. When you move the reservation, the Change visit date screen appears so you can check for conflicts before saving. For more information, see Change Group Visit Dates.

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