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Close Drawer Report

As part of the close drawer process, you review the information in the Close Drawer report to determine if you entered the correct cash amounts and receipt quantities from your cash drawer at the end of your shift. You then submit the closed drawer for approval by a supervisor or user with security rights.

As a ticket seller, you can access the Close Drawer report after you enter information on the Close drawer screen. To access this screen, from Sales, click Close drawer. From the Close drawer screen, enter the amount of cash and number of receipts in the cash drawer. After you click Save, the Close Drawer report appears.

A user with security rights can access the report from the Approve Closed Drawers page. To access the report, from Sales, click Approve closed drawers. The Approve Closed Drawers page appears. Click a submitted or approved closed drawer. The Close Drawer report appears.

Note: A closed drawer with a "Submitted" status displays different levels of information in the Close Drawer report than a closed drawer with an "Approved" status. Differences also exist when the close drawer includes cash details rather than a total cash account. For example, a submitted closed drawer with cash detail displays currency and coin amounts, a total amount for cash and checks, and an expected amount for payments other than cash or check in the report. An approved closed drawer with a total cash account displays the total cash counted and starting balance in the report.