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Add Scheduled Programs

You configure scheduled programs to sell tickets for timed events. For example, if your organization has a “Sea Turtles” exhibit that occurs three times a day on Mondays and Wednesdays, you would set up a “Sea Turtles” scheduled program and schedule events according to the days and times of each occurrence.

Additionally, you can setup scheduled programs that require registration, which is helpful if you offer workshops or other types of programs that have limited space and would benefit from an attendee roster. These “pre-registered programs” also enable you to record registrant informtion, for example, you can configure questions to track meal preferences or preferred shirt sizes for each registrant.

Note: To save time, you can copy a program that already exists instead of starting with an entirely new program. A copied program retains the on-sale settings and prices, as well as assigned discounts, fees, and taxes from the program being copied. Additionally, if copying a pre-registered program, all existing registration questions, notices, and sections are retained. When you copy a scheduled program, any events currently scheduled are not are not copied over to the new program. For more information, see Copy Programs.

When you add a new scheduled program to your database, you typically enter a name and description, as well as select a location where the program takes place. Additionally, you can enter default information that is inherited by events scheduled for the program. These defaults include program capacity and ticket prices. For example, you can load a previously created price list for the program or assign valid price types and associated ticket prices without loading a price list. These prices are then loaded automatically for each program event your schedule. You can also make registration required for the program and any events scheduled for the program.

After you add a scheduled program, you can assign fees, taxes, and discounts, as well as assign ticket templates to the program that are used when printing tickets. Additionally, you can edit program ticket prices and configure on-sale information.

Note: When you add a scheduled program, all sales methods are automatically assigned as defaults and the ticket on-sale availability is set to “Immediately.” To change the default sales methods and on-sale time period, access the On-sale tab on the program. For more information, see Configure On-sale Information.

Add a scheduled program

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