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Design Email Preferences Page

In addition to the web forms you create in Web, the program also creates a page where website users can opt out of email messages from your organization. You can include a link to this page in the email messages you send. The page consists of a page header and a checkbox for users to refuse email. When a website user selects the opt-out checkbox, the program updates the constituent record to select the Do not send email to this address checkbox for the email address.

To edit the email preferences page, go to Web and click Email preferences under Configuration. The Email preferences screen appears. On this screen, you can edit the page title and the label for the opt-out checkbox.

In addition to the email preferences, you also must configure the appearance and format of your web pages and create a shopping cart to process transactions. For information about these options, see Design Web Pages and Create Shopping Cart. You can also enter a URL for when the program needs to redirect users, design an acknowledgement message, and edit your privacy policy. For information about these options, see Browser Settings and Home Page URL, Design Acknowledgement Email, and Design Privacy Policy Page.

Edit email subscription preferences