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Design Privacy Policy Page

In addition to the web forms that you create in Web, the program also creates a page to display your organization’s privacy policy.

Note: When the program creates the web page with the privacy policy, it automatically includes a generic policy. We strongly recommend that you review this default policy to ensure that it is right for your organization. If the generic policy does not match your organization’s privacy policy, you can edit it as necessary.

To edit the privacy policy, go to Web and click Privacy policy under Configuration. The Privacy policy screen appears. On this screen, use the HTML editor to design and format the privacy policy that appears on the web page that the program creates.

In addition to the privacy policy, you also must configure the appearance and format of your web pages and create a shopping cart to process transactions. For information about these options, see Design Web Pages and Create Shopping Cart. You can also enter a URL for when the program needs to redirect users, design an acknowledgement message, and edit the email preferences page. For information about these options, see Browser Settings and Home Page URL, Design Acknowledgement Email, and Design Email Preferences Page.

Edit the privacy policy