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Add a Print Membership Cards Process Screen

The following table explains the items on this screen.

Screen Item



This required field has a limit of 100 characters. Enter a name for the process that is easily recognizable when you use the process again.


This field has a limit of 255 characters. Enter description information that further identifies the process. For example, you can enter “Use for new and renewal memberships.”

Membership program

This is a required field. Select an existing membership program for the process.

Limit to

Select the checkbox, and then use the down arrow that becomes active to limit the print membership card process to create cards for new members, renewed members, or rejoined members. If you do not select this checkbox, cards will be created for all members.

Print: All ‘Issued’ cards

To generate all cards with a status of “Issued,” select this option.

The print status for a membership card is stored in the Membership cards grid on the Summary tab on the constituent membership details page. If you select this option, all cards with “Issued” in the Status column in the grid are included in the process.

Print: All ‘Issued’ cards for selected membership level

To generate cards with a status of “Issued” in a specific membership level, select this option. After you select this, the Level field enables. The levels that appear in the field default for the membership program selected for the process.

Print: All ‘Issued’ cards for selected constituents

To generate cards for a specific group of records, select this option. The Selection field enables. To add or search for an existing Constituent query to use for the cards, click the magnifying glass. If the selection you need does not appear in search results, confirm that the Record type is Constituent.

Card format to use

The card format selected for the membership program defaults in the field. You can select another card format to use for the process.

If you need to edit the format for a membership card, you must access the membership card template in the letter template library in Marketing and Communications.

Create constituent selection from results

To create a constituent selection for a group of members in the process, select this checkbox. The remaining field and checkbox are enabled.

Selection name

When you select Create constituent selection from results, you must enter a name for the selection that the process generates.

Overwrite existing selection

To overwrite the selection in the previous field each time you run the process, select this checkbox.