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Membership Benefits

With some membership programs, you might offer special benefits to members at a certain level, such as a key chain or calendar. You can associate benefits with benefit levels so that higher levels have higher-value benefits. You can also make benefits cumulative. If the "Standard" level has a key chain, the "Premium" level can have the key chain plus a coffee mug. The Benefits Catalog is located in Fundraising, but you can add benefits from a membership program if needed.

Note: To set up benefits before you add a membership program, go to Fundraising and click Benefits Catalog under Configuration.

The monetary value of a benefit reduces the tax deductible amount of the membership. For example, if a benefit is worth $5, the tax deductible amount of the membership, if applicable, would be reduced by that amount.

When you set up a membership program, you can associate benefits with its levels on the Benefits tab. After the program is set up, you can manage benefits on the Benefits tab of the program. The Benefits tab displays only active membership levels.

On the Benefits tab, you can select which card format to use for membership cards for the program. You can also select which name format to use for the membership cards. In addition, you specify whether all of the amount, part of the amount, or none of the amount of membership dues is tax-deductible.

Manage Benefits for Membership Programs