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Add a letter template

1. From Marketing and Communications, click Letter template library under Configuration. The Letter Template Library page appears.
2. Click Add. The Add letter template screen appears. For information about the items on this screen, see Add Letter Template Screen.
3. Enter a unique name and description to help identify the template.
4. In the Letter type field, select the type of letter to use the template.
5. If you select “Constituent Letter” as the letter type, the Output type field is enabled. Select “Output format” to use a program-defined set of export fields or “Export definition” to use a user-defined set of export fields.
6. In the Output format field, select the output format to use to export information for letters that use the template. For example, to use a seasonal address, select a seasonal output format.

Warning: We recommend you use only Microsoft Word document files as template files. The mail merge feature can edit only Microsoft Word files. If you add a different file type to the Letter Template Library, you can open the file, but you cannot save changes or use mail merge. The original file from the Letter Template Library remains unchanged. .

7. If you selected “Export definition” as the output type for a constituent letter, select a constituent export definition in the Export definition field. Only constituent export definitions with Allow definition to be used by other areas of the application selected on the Options tab of the Export Definition Properties screen can be used for constituent letters.
8. In the Letter field, click Choose file and browse to and select the file to use as the template.

Note: All letters in the Letter Template Library must have a .docx file extension.

9. Click Save. You return to the Letter Template Library page. The template set appears in the Letter template grid.