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Add a scheduled program

1. From Tickets, click Add a scheduled program. The Add a scheduled program screen appears. For information about this screen, see Add a Scheduled Program Screen.
2. Enter the program name and description. The information you enter here will be the default name and description for events scheduled for this program.

Note: If you enter a program name greater than 40 characters, the program name will appear truncated on a printed ticket.

3. In the Category field, select the program type. For example, your organization may offer programs in various categories, like “Movie,” “Lecture,” and “Exhibition.”
4. In the Location field, select the location where program events will take place. Click the magnifying glass to search for a specific location.

If the program occurs in multiple locations, click Program spans multiple locations to display the grid where you select multiple locations. For example, you may have a large lecture hall that is partitioned so the space can be used for two smaller lectures or one large lecture. In this scenario, if a large lecture hall space is needed, you can assign both small locations and the event will span both.

5. In the Capacity field, enter the total number of attendees the program can accommodate. This number does not have to be the same as the location capacity, but should not exceed location capacity. You can change the capacity on individual events as needed when program events are scheduled.
6. Under Prices, you can load a previously created price list for the program or enter the price types and associated face prices independently without loading a price list. These prices are then loaded automatically for each program event you schedule. You can edit prices as needed when you schedule events.
7. If this is a workshop, camp, or other program that requires each attendee to register, select Requires registration. If you require registration, a Registration information tab is displayed on the program record after you save. You can use this tab to configure registration questions, notices, and sections like contact and medical information. The registration information you enter here are inherited by any events you schedule for this program.
8. On the Resources tab, you can enter supplies, equipment, and staffing resources needed for the program. Resources added to the program automatically load for each program event you schedule.
In the Supplies/Equipment resources grid, select a row and click the magnifying glass to search for and select a resource to add to the program. Next, enter the quantity needed. For example, if you need a projector for your Sea Life Lecture Series presentations, search for and select a projector and then enter a 1 for the quantity needed. When you schedule the presentations, each program event will require a resource of one projector.
In the Staffing resources grid, you select the resource, enter the quantity needed, and select the type of staff member that will fill the resource need, such as volunteer, staff member, or board member.
9. Click Save and the program record appears. From the program record, you can add fees, taxes, and discounts, as well as assign ticket templates to the program that are used when printing tickets. Additionally, you can edit program ticket prices and configure on-sale information. If you required registration for this program, you can also configure registration questions, notices, and sections for information such as like food allergies or preferred shirt sizes. For more information, see Manage Programs.