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Configure options for a donation form

  1. From Web, click Manage donation forms. The Manage Donation Forms page appears.

  2. Under Designations, select a designation with a web form and click Options. The donation form options appear.

  3. In the Minimum gift amount field, enter the minimum donation amount. To accept any gift amount, enter “0” or leave the field blank.

  4. Under Donor options, select Allow comments to allow donors to enter comments on the donation form. A Comments field appears on the donation form. When you download user comments, they appear as notes on the Documentation tab of revenue records.

  5. Under Giving levels, click Add giving level to create a giving level for your donors

    1. Under Display name, enter the giving level name to appear on the website.

    2. Under Amount, enter the minimum gift amount for the giving level.

    3. To include a blank field on the donation form for users to enter their own gift amounts, select Allow other amount.

  6. To rename labels, headings, and other text on your donation forms, select the Language tab. You can also use this tab to enter localized text for other languages.

  7. In the Category field, select the section of the donation form to edit.

  8. In the Language field, select the language to localize.

  9. The Item name and Item type columns identify items on the donation form, and the Default text column displays the default text. Under Text, rename the default labels, headings, and other text as necessary.

    For example, to change the Amount field label to “Total,” enter the new label under Text. Likewise, to localize the field label, select a language in the Language field and enter localized text under Text.

  10. Click Save. You return to the Manage Donation Forms page.