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Configure options for program forms

  1. From Web, click Manage program forms. The Manage Program Forms page appears.

  2. Under Configuration, click Online settings for tickets. The program form options appear.

  3. To select an image to appear beside tickets in the shopping cart, click Select in the Thumbnail field. The Select Image From Image Library screen appears.

    After you select an image, click OK. You return to the Program Forms Options screen.

  4. In the On-sale period field, enter how far in advance to sell tickets.

  5. In the Ticket limit field, enter the maximum number of tickets that a website user can purchase at a time for the program or event.

  6. In the Timeout field, enter how long users can keep tickets in their shopping carts. If the time limit passes, the program removes tickets from shopping carts and returns them to the available pool of tickets so that other website users can purchase them.

    Note: The minimum timeout is 15 minutes, but for no timeout, you can enter “0.”

  7. In the Threshold for low availability field, enter when to indicate that events are near maximum capacity. When the number of tickets falls below the threshold, the program indicates on program forms that the event is nearly sold out.

  8. To continue to display events on program forms after tickets sell out, select Continue to post events after tickets sell out.

  9. In the Contact email address field, enter the email address for website users to contact your organization with questions about events or programs.

    Note: To display your contact email address on the program form, you must add a "MAILTO" href on the Language tab. For example, you can display the email address in the message that appears after an event sells out. On the Language tab, you can go to the Text column for the "Sold out availability label, long" entry and overwrite the default text with something like "This event has sold out. Please contact MAILTO for more information."

  10. To allow users to filter the programs and events that appear on forms, select Allow users to filter summary lists by category.

  11. To rename labels, headings, and other text on your program forms, select the Language tab. You can also use this tab to enter localized text for other languages.

    Note: To edit date formats in the Event Details, Events, and Programs categories for programs and events, you must use valid date format specifiers. For information about specifiers, see

  12. In the Category field, select the section of the program form to edit.

  13. In the Language field, select the language to localize.

  14. The Item name and Item type columns identify items on the program form, and the Default text column displays the default text. Under Text, rename the default labels, headings, and other text as necessary.

    For example, to change the first sold out message from “Sold Out!” to “Event is Sold Out,” enter “Event is Sold Out” under Text in the Sold Out availability label, long field. Likewise, to localize the same message, select a language in the Language field and enter localized text under Text in the Sold Out availability label, long field.

  15. Click Save. You return to the Manage Program Forms page.