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Design Web Pages

Before you create web forms in Web, you must configure design settings to determine the appearance and format of the web pages where the forms appear. The pages that display donation, program, and membership web forms all inherit these design settings.

Note: The secure payment page that processes credit card transactions also inherits your design settings. However, to help you comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the program analyzes the secure payment page for compliance purposes and removes content that is not PCI DSS compliant. The program removes active content such as script tags, inline data in custom stylesheets, buttons, and dynamic HTML markup. As a result, if you include active content in the header, footer, or columns of your web page design, the secure payment page’s appearance differs slightly from the pages that contain your web forms.

To configure the design settings, go to Web and click Page designer under Configuration. The page designer appears. On the Select Layout tab, select a layout to organize the items on your web pages. On the Color & Styles tab, edit the background colors and fonts. On the Configure Content tab, edit the content in the header, footer, and side columns.

In addition to the design settings for your web pages, you also must create a shopping cart to process transactions. For information, see Create Shopping Cart. You can also enter a URL for when the program needs to redirect users, design an acknowledgement message, edit your privacy policy, and edit the email preferences page. For information about these options, see Browser Settings and Home Page URL, Design Acknowledgement Email, Design Privacy Policy Page, and Design Email Preferences Page.

Design the appearance and format of web pages