How does single sign-on work for those who have more than one login?

If you previously had more than one login for ResearchPoint, you have a couple options once your organization has single sign-on enabled.

The first option, and the one we recommend, is to use one login in ResearchPoint. In Application Users, it's now very easy to select however many roles you need to perform your job. For example, if you are the administrator for your organization and you perform prospect research tasks, assign yourself both the Prospect Research Manager and Prospect Research roles.

However, if you have to have separate credentials, you can decide which of your ResearchPoint credentials to link to your primary single sign-on account. Then, sign up for a single sign-on account with a different email address. Have your site administrator associate you with your Blackbaud Site ID, and then link that new account to your other ResearchPoint credentials.

You can sign up for a single sign-on account with any email address, including a Google one.