How should we handle temporary or student workers?

For temporary and student workers, we still recommend that each user have an individual login to ResearchPoint. There are no security ramifications if you have them sign up with their personal email addresses and associate them with your site ID on Also, ResearchPoint allows unlimited logins. You can have as many users as you need.

If a worker separates from your organization, at that time you should disable the user's access in ResearchPoint. From the Application Users page, mark their user record as inactive. You can also have your site administrator remove them from your site ID on

In the case of a returning student or temporary worker, you can easily mark them active again in ResearchPoint. This makes it much easier to track who's doing what work and to get them working again if they return.

However, while we advise against it, if you create a shared email address and password, we recommend that every time a temporary employee, volunteer, or student separates from the organization, you should update the password for the email address with the email provider and If you don't change the password regularly, especially when employees separate, that would be a major security risk for your organization.