Do Prospect Research Managers set up all users or does each user need to go through the single sign-on process?

Prospect Research Managers set up all new application users. If you are an existing ResearchPoint user, you do not need to inform anyone you've gone through the single sign-on process. After your organization is enabled for single sign-on, you'll log in to ResearchPoint like you do today. The first time you do this after the upgrade, you'll have one additional step to link your old ResearchPoint credentials with your Blackbaud single sign-on account. Afterwards, you'll be taken to the ResearchPoint home page.

In the future, when you log in, after you enter your credentials you'll log into ResearchPoint directly. In fact, if you log in to and then navigate to your ResearchPoint hosted site, you'll automatically be logged into the product.

The only time you as a user need to get help from your site administrator or Prospect Research Manager, is if you do not have an application user record in ResearchPoint. Each user should log in separately with a unique single sign-on account. We do not recommend sharing accounts as it's a security risk to you and your organization.