Where will ResearchPoint be located when I sign in to Blackbaud.com?

Once you have linked your existing ResearchPoint credentials, or have been invited as a new user, you can access ResearchPoint from Blackbaud.com.

After you are logged in, on the Omnibar, you'll see an arrow next to the Blackbaud logo. When you hover over the logo, all of your single sign-on enabled products appear. You can navigate to ResearchPoint from here.

We've also made a request for ResearchPoint to be added to the list of product logins on the green bar of the Blackbaud.com website. When we've been added, you'll be able to navigate to your product here as well.

However, we still recommend that you familiarize yourself with your organization's unique URL and be able to log in directly. A few times our website has gone offline. This doesn't mean your product is offline as well. We recommend you try your direct link instead.

Your Direct URL –





Replace ##### with your organization's site ID.

Tip: Log into your hosted ResearchPoint database from the latest version of your preferred Internet Browser.