What happens if we only have one general login for ResearchPoint?

We do not recommend you have only one login credential for all users of ResearchPoint. It's a major security concern and makes it difficult to track who's doing what work in the program.

When your organization is enabled for Blackbaud single sign-on, we recommend your administrator with the Prospect Research Manager role log in and invite all of your users by email address. The new Add an application user screen is very easy and quick to add a user. You only are required to enter a name, email address, and select a role. The Linked constituent field is only for those users who perform fundraiser tasks.

Then, click Save & Invite. Each user can then complete the process of signing up for a Blackbaud.com single sign-on account.

Also, you need to provide all the email addresses you invited to ResearchPoint to your site administrator (if it's not you). Your site administrator can log in to Blackbaud.com and invite all of these email addresses to your site ID. For more information, review KB article 46340.