Do I need to resend invitations to existing users?

No, existing users can log in the way they always do. The first time after single sign-on enables, there is one additional step for existing users. They will need to link their existing ResearchPoint login credentials to their Blackbaud single sign-on accounts.

However, are some of your users a little slow on the migration? If needed, you can navigate to the Application Users page and send your existing users an invitation to encourage them to finish the migration to logging in with Blackbaud single sign-on. Once users log in though, you can no longer send an invitation.

Based on the Status column in the Application users grid, you can take the following actions:

  • Not yet invited – You can send an invitation.

  • Invitation sent – You can resend the invitation.

  • Active – You cannot send an invitation to an active user.

  • Inactive - Once you mark the record active again, the user's status updates to "Not yet invited." Then, you can send a new invitation to the reinstated account.