Do I still have to log in twice if I have Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint?

It depends on which view of Raiser's Edge you log into for your daily tasks.

Are you using Raiser's Edge NXT primarily?

If yes, you only have to log in once to your single sign-on account through the Blackbaud Omnibar.

Tip: You also need to make sure the same email address is assigned to your application user record in both products.

You can then toggle back and forth between the programs. From the Blackbaud logo on the Omnibar, hover to see to which single sign-on enabled products you have access. As more products support single sign-on, more will appear for you here.

Are you primarily using the Raiser's Edge Database view? 

If yes, you will still have two login credentials. For example, if you are logging into Raiser's Edge via Citrix, your credentials there are not currently set up with the Omnibar and single sign-on support. We did not change anything to how you log in to Raiser's Edge.

However, for ResearchPoint,, Blackbaud Communities, and single sign-on enabled products, you will only need one log in. Blackbaud is committed to making it easier for you to access your products with one login credential. In time, the number of products and resources you can access with your single sign-on account will increase!