What are the password requirements?

Your password must meet the below criteria:

  • 7 characters or more

  • Must have at least (2) of the following criteria:

    • Capital letter

    • Number

    • Special character (! @ # & , % & * _ )

Other important information:

  • User IDs and passwords are encrypted in transit and at rest.

    • The signin.blackbaud.com page require you to use https//siginin.blackbaud.com.

    • If you go to http://siginin.blackbaud.com you will be redirected to https//siginin.blackbaud.com.

  • Users will be locked out for 30 minutes after 5 incorrect password attempts in a 1 hour period.

  • We do not store passwords or have a requirement that a previous password cannot be used.

  • We do not have a time frame requirement to force password changes.