Install or Configure LoadSpec

  1. Find the path to the LoadSpec executable. It is a part of the SDK folder for the Infinity SDK. For example, C:\SDK\Tools\LoadSpec.exe. For information about the Infinity SDK, see Developer Guides for Infinity.

  2. In Visual Studio, from the Tools menu, click External Tools.

    The External Tools screen appears.

  3. Click Add. A new tool entry appears.

  4. In the Title field, enter "&Load Spec." This determines how the menu item will appear in Tools.

    Note: For UnloadSpec, enter "&Unload Spec" instead.

  5. In the Command field, enter the path to the executable. For example, C:\SDK\Tools\LoadSpec.exe. This executable runs when you select the menu item determined in the Title field.

  6. In the Arguments field, enter the following as one line:

    Note: For a table of arguments and descriptions, see LoadSpec Arguments.

  7. Click OK.