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Create a single E-mail mailing

Use this procedure to create and send a single E-mail mailing. You typically use this type of mailing to send a one time message to targeted recipients within a campaign.


Starting point:

You are logged into Sphere.

The eMail or eNewsletter page is displayed. If not, select Communications > eMail (or eNewsletter).

  1. Highlight the campaign’s name from the list and select Manage.

  2. Click New.

  3. In the New window, perform the following steps:

    1. For Type, select Single Mailing.

    2. For Name, enter a name for the mailing.

    3. For Source Code, enter a source code or click the search icon (the magnifying glass) to select a code.

    4. For Description, enter a brief description.

    5. The Owner field shows the name of the user who is the owner of the mailing.

    6. Select the Do not allow more than one email to be sent to the same email address in case of duplicates check box to suppress duplicates.

    7. For Mailing Purpose, select the reason for the mailing. If you do not select a purpose, Sphere assigns the campaign purpose to the mailing.

    8. Click Save. The mailing is added to the E-mail or eNewsletter campaign mailing list.

  4. Click Receiver. TheAdvanced Search tool’s query window appears

  5. Create a receiver list for the new mailing.

  6. Click Content. TheContent Editor appears.

  7. Define E-mail content for the mailing.

  8. Click Schedule. TheSchedule Mail page appears.

  9. Test and schedule the mailing.

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