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Sphere Transactions Overview

After you initiate a synchronization and the Sphere Connector imports transactions from Blackbaud Sphere, you can process the records using the links on the Sphere page. To access the page in The Raiser’s Edge, click Sphere.
From the View field on the Sphere page, you can select to view All Transaction Categories, Unaccepted Transactions Only, or Unaccepted Transactions with Counts. If you select Unaccepted Transactions with Counts, when you click Refresh, a status appears for the download that informs you how many new transactions exist.
Before you process data between Sphere and The Raiser’s Edge, you should establish options for transactions. To determine transaction options, click Options on the Sphere page in The Raiser’s Edge. For more information, see Configure The Raiser’s Edge.
Note: If you merge or delete a supporter record in Sphere that was previously synchronized, you must manually change or delete the corresponding record in The Raiser’s Edge.
Note: You should periodically check the Sphere page in The Raiser’s Edge for transactions from the website. To make sure you have the latest information from the website, run the Scheduler. For more information, see Synchronize Data.
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