Resetting the Pledge Number

This system preference (under Entry/Gifts) permits you to reset the pledge number that TA references when assigning the next available pledge number during pledge entry. To reset the pledge number, complete the following steps.

  1. Click <Reset Pledge Number> to access the Choose Next Pledge Number window.

  2. Enter the pledge number that TA should use for the next pledge entered.

  3. Click <OK> to return to the System Preference Administration screen. (If you don’t want to reset the pledge number, you can click <Cancel> on the Choose Next Pledge Number window.)

When you enter a pledge using the Batch Detail Entry screen, you or TA sets the pledge number. TA checks the pledge number to ensure the number is unique. If the pledge number is already assigned to an existing pledge, TA displays a message indicating that the pledge number is not unique. You cannot leave the Pledge Number field until you change the pledge number to one that is unique across all pledges.


Your organization may need to reset the pledge number if your organization has an outside vendor take pledges and provides that vendor with a series of pledge numbers to use. Your organization can reset the pledge number to the one that follows the last pledge number given to the vendor. If your organization manually enters the pledges taken by the vendor (versus using TA’s Pledge Upload procedure), staff would enter the pledge number instead of letting TA assign the pledge number.