Admin Tasks

After a new admin at your organization accepts your invitation, they have the power to manage and enable many features on behalf of your organization and for other users and admins associated with your organization. Let's review the list of what admins can do.

Tip: Do you have questions about getting started? Review our Getting Started with Users and Admins FAQ.

  • Add other admins at your organization. For more information, see Add admin.

  • Manage anyone with access to your organization's Blackbaud ID-supported solutions. This includes inactivating users or admins, such as those no longer with your organization. For more information, see Users and Admins.

  • Manage your organization’s account on Blackbaud’s website. This includes updating your organization’s address. For more information, see Home.

  • Update your organization's passwords for Blackbaud services such as Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) and Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS). For more information, see Reset passwords.

  • Set up single sign-on (SSO). For more information, see Authentication Settings.

  • Rename environments and select their purpose. For more information, see Environments.