Address Processing Options

On the Address Processing Options page, you can manage sets of address processing options for your various marketing efforts and correspondence. Address processing options determine which constituent address (home, business, summer home, etc.) to use for a communication effort. For example, you can create a set of address processing options for your holiday appeal that specifies to use the mail preferences from constituent records and to use seasonal addresses when available. For each set of address options, you can choose which address to use for individuals, organizations, and households/groups.

When you run a communication effort process, the program first applies exclusions (deceased, inactive, solicit codes, exclusion selections, previous mailings, etc.) to the selection of records included in the effort. The program then checks address processing options (mail preferences set on the Communications tab of constituent records or addresses selected for the 1st choice and 2nd choice fields), as well as the Do not send checkbox on mail and email addresses. If no valid address is found, the program either removes the constituent from the effort or includes the constituent without an address .

To access the Address Processing Options page from Marketing and Communications, click Address processing options under Configuration.