Revenue Acknowledgements

When your organization receives revenue such as a payment toward a donation or pledge installment, you should send an acknowledgement to thank the constituent for the transaction. From Marketing and Communications, you can manage a process to send acknowledgement letters to constituents based on revenue transactions. You can use multiple letters with the process, such as to target constituents differently based on revenue amount or activity. To confirm that you received the revenue and help constituents track donations for tax purposes, we recommend that your letters also include receipt information.To configure and manage the acknowledgements process and its acknowledgement letters from Marketing and Communications, click Acknowledgements.

Note: From Revenue, your organization can configure a default revenue filter to determine the types of transactions and applications to consider as revenue activity for acknowledgements.

On the Acknowledgements page, you can manage the process and its letters and options. You can also view and manage the history of the process and its output. You can also manually run the process as necessary.

Note: From the Acknowledgements page, you can access revenue acknowledgement processes created before the Q3 2011 update, such as to copy existing letter content as you create new acknowledgement letters. To access these processes from the Acknowledgements page, click Archived acknowledgements under Tasks. For information about the archived processes, see Acknowledgement Tasks.