Tribute Acknowledgements

With tributes, you can collect donations as recognition of a constituent. Examples of tributes are donations a donor makes “in honor of,” “on behalf of,” or “in memory of” another constituent. From a tribute’s record, you can designate acknowledgees to notify when you receive revenue toward the tribute. From Marketing and Communications, you can manage processes to send letters to acknowledgees when you receive tribute revenue. You can use multiple processes to target constituents differently based on revenue amount or activity. To access the tribute acknowledgements processes from Marketing and Communications, click Tribute acknowledgements. The Tribute Acknowledgements page appears.

Note: You can also manage your tribute acknowledgement processes with your archived revenue acknowledgement processes. To access your archived acknowledgement processes from the Acknowledgements page, click Archived acknowledgements under Tasks. For information about your archived acknowledgement processes, see Acknowledgement Tasks.

On the Tribute Acknowledgements page, you can view and manage the acknowledgement letters, acknowledgements processes, and review acknowledgements processes used to generate output for tribute acknowledgement letters. For information about how to manage tribute acknowledgements, see Acknowledgement Tasks. For information about the steps required to effectively process tribute acknowledgements, see Tribute Acknowledgement Process Workflow.