Membership Dues

From Memberships and Revenue, you can add membership dues transactions received from constituents, such as to join or renew memberships or purchase memberships as gifts for others. When you add a payment for membership dues, you enter information about the membership, its members, and any additional information such as benefits or add-ons. Additionally, if a payment applies to more than only the membership, such as a payment that includes a donation to your organization, you can enter information about how to apply the payment. You can enter a single payment or multiple payments at one time.

If you want to add multiple membership transactions at one time, you select the membership dues batch template to use with the payments. The template determines the fields available and any default values. For example, you may set up a batch template for each membership program. The template also includes the batch workflow, which determines the steps your organization requires before you commit the payments to your database. For example, your organization may require a review and approval process for all membership dues payments.

Membership transactions are supported using the Add a membership screen, as well as the membership dues batch. Membership transactions are not supported in other revenue batches.

Warning: You cannot apply a payment toward multiple memberships. For example, you cannot apply a payment to both a gift of membership and a membership join or renewal.